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Prof-UIS is designed to help Visual C++ programmers save hundreds of hours in implementing today's most demanded GUI facilities in their applications. It is an extensible, object-oriented framework that allows you to easily customize and extend its functionality. That, combined with our striving to keep abreast of the latest UI trends, ensures our customers get the most innovative up-to-date graphical user interface that fits their needs.

Tested and Supports Tested and Supports
32-bit Windows:
- 95/98/98SE/ME
- NT/2K/XP/2003
- Vista/7

64-bit Windows:
- XP/Server 2003 x64
- Server 2003 Itanium
- Vista/7 x64
Complete Source Code Complete Source Code
Both Prof-UIS and Prof-UIS Freeware come with full source code and documentation.
Roalty Free Distribution Roalty Free Distribution
You are granted to distribute Prof-UIS dll files with your applications without any additional fees (read EULA for details).
Support 3 Month or 1 Year Tech Support
Includes bug fixes, updates, new versions, and our help via e-mail /phone or in the priority support forum.

Feature List

Prof-UIS Full Free
Theme Support
Popular UI themes changeable on the fly. » »
Microsoft Office 2010 Blue theme. » »
Microsoft Office 2010 Black theme. » »
Microsoft Office 2010 Silver theme. » »
Microsoft Office 2010 Release 1 theme. » »
Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 theme. » »
Microsoft Office 2007 Blue theme. » »
Microsoft Office 2007 Black theme. » »
Microsoft Office 2007 Silver theme. » »
Microsoft Office 2007 Release 1 theme. » »
Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 theme. » »
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 theme. » »
Microsoft Office 2003 theme. » »
Microsoft Office 2003 theme (Windows Classis style). » »
Customized Microsoft Office 2003 theme. » »
Microsoft Office XP theme. » »
Microsoft Office 2000 theme. » »
Microsoft Windows XP Native theme. » »
Support for High Contrast. » »
Dockable toolbars, which have many additional features not available in MFC. » »
Tabbed toolbars, which allow you to increase the view area by reducing the number of toolbars docked with each other. The following tabs are supported: Whidbey, Flat, One Note, VS 2005, and Buttons. »  
Resizable combo/edit/date windowless fields in customizable applications. »  
Split button, that allows you to change the command associated with this button by selecting a new command from the drop-down list. » »
Color picker button with a color pop-up menu. » »
Undo/redo button, which allows you to cancel or resume your last actions. »  
Slider/scroll button, which allows you to use sliders and scroll bars in toolbars. » »
Chevron button, which is the right-most toolbar button for accessing toolbar buttons that cannot fit the toolbar area when it is docked. » »
Persistent affixment algorithm for restoring toolbars' positions and sizes after redocking the bars or resizing the frame. » »
Support for large icons: you can use regular or large icons in toolbars. » »
Built-in theme switcher toolbar, that can be used for switching between supported themes on the fly. » »
Control Bars    
Visual Studio .NET/2005-like control bars, that can be docked into the main frame window or inside tabbed control bar containers. » »
Docking into dynamic tab containers. »  
Autohide feature, which allows you to hide a docked control bar by releasing the pin button in its caption. »  
Docking markers (aka docking diamonds) that indicate where a docking window can be docked. The following marker styles are supported:
  • Visual Studio 2010 on Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Visual Studio 2008 on Windows XP/Vista/7
  • Visual Studio 2005 (two styles)
» »
Dynamic control bars that extend the functionality of control bars by allowing you to display their content in tabbed documents in MDI/SDI applications. » »
Custom docking outline for a control bar being dragged or resized. » »
Fixed-size control bars. » »
Caption flashing. » »
Ribbon UI    
The Prof-UIS ribbon bar implements the new ribbon user interface introduced in Microsoft Office 2007. »  
The ribbon bar is consistent with all themes supported in Prof-UIS. »  
The support for Right-To-Left (RTL) layout in the ribbon bar allows you to deliver your applications to customers whose native language requires RTL (Hebrew, Arabic, Farsi, Urdu, etc.). »  
Date and Time Controls    
Date picker, which looks like and has the same features as the mini-calendar in Microsoft Outlook. »  
Date and time picker, which provides a simple and intuitive way to exchange date and time information with the user. »  
Time duration control, that allows you to represent a length of time in days, hours, minutes, and seconds. »  
Date browser. »  
Page Navigator    
Page Navigator, which looks like and has similar features to the Microsoft Outlook 2003 Navigation Pane. »  
Expandable shortcut list, which provides easy access to the different panes and views available in the Page Navigator. »  
Options dialog, that allows you to add, remove, move, and reset buttons in the shortcut list to make their corresponding panes and views easily available. »  
Serializable UI. »  
Common Controls    
Button. » »
Color picker button. » »
Combo box. » »
Multicolumn combo box. » »
Edit control. » »
Check box. » »
Radio button. » »
Group box. » »
Hyperlink button. » »
Status bar. » »
Check list box. » »
Splitter window. » »
Slider control. » »
Geo Controls. »  
Scroll bar. » »
Shortcut list. »  
Content pop-up window. »  
Resizable Dialogs    
Resizable dialog with anchoring support. » »
Resizable property sheet and property page. » »
MDI child windows dialog. » »
Color selection dialog. » »
Image Editing    
Image editor for editing icons and bitmaps. »  
Icon editor dialog. »  
Customizable toolbars, menus and keyboard accelerators. »  
Customize dialog. »  
Quick toolbar customization. »  
ALT customization. »  
Built-in icon editor dialog. »  
Dockable menu bar. » »
Pop-up menu. » »
Palette menu. » »
Tear-off menu. » »
Expandable menu. » »
Menu animation. » »
Color selection menu. » »
Date picker menu. »  
Combo, edit and date fields. »  
Undo/redo menu. »  
Balloon tooltip. » »
Built-in theme switcher menu. » »
Tab Controls and Tab Page Containers    
Tab controls, MDI tabs and tab page containers. »  
Whidbey tabs. »  
One Note tabs. »  
Flat tabs. »  
Button tabs. »  
Visual Studio .NET tabs. »  
Visual Studio 2005 tabs. »  
Native XP tabs. »  
Office 2007 tabs. »  
Office 2010 tabs. »  
Page Container    
Outlook-style page container. »  
3D Studio MAX-style page container. »  
Customizable appearance. »  
Grid Controls    

Data grid:

  • Independent data provider component which allows data to be kept in external data storages like databases
  • Support for "external" scroll bar controls that may be used instead of "internal" scroll bar-like areas: You can use any embedded controls in the same line with the scroll bar
  • Pixel-by-pixel, item-by-item, and virtual horizontal and vertical scrolling
  • Multiple cell selection with non-excluded and excluded rectangle regions
  • Single cell selection and full column/row selection
  • Highlighting columns and rows relating to the focused, selected and hovered cells
  • Highlighting column/row cells when sorting
  • Highlighting the single cell that is hovered over with the mouse pointer
  • Drag-and-drop of the column/row cells as it is implemented in Microsoft Outlook
  • Marking selected columns/rows with arrows
  • Single column/row sorting
  • Multiple column/row sorting with the SHIFT key
  • Resizable columns and rows
  • Resizing of columns/rows is displayed with dynamically changing contents or with a tracking line
  • Moving around the grid with the arrow keys while editing
  • String-based cells
  • VARIANT-based cells that supports data type dependent alignment
  • Pop up list boxes associated with built-in combo buttons and used for data input
  • Images in header and data cells
  • Built-in up-down and ellipsis buttons
  • Built-in check boxes
  • Curved margins of the leftmost and rightmost column headers
  • Color-picker cells
  • Horizontal and vertical gridlines
  • Multiple header columns/rows
Tree grid that can be used as an advanced replacement for the Windows list box. »  
Property grid, which can be used for setting up and browsing properties of objects of any complexity. It is similar to that available in Visual Studio .NET/2005. »  

Report grid:

  • All the rich functionality implemented in the data grid
  • Outlook-like row grouping with Group By Box
  • Grouping and sorting rows by multiple columns
  • Resizing, reordering, and hiding columns
  • Field Chooser window for hiding/showing columns
  • Proportional column sizing when resizing the parent window
  • Best Fit width option for columns
  • Left, center, right, and type-based alignment for columns
  • Auto preview for text and graphics
  • UI persistence
  • Various modes of row selection
  • Row/cell focus, column and row formatting
  • A set of modes of displaying cell buttons (always, in the focused row only, in selected rows, and never)
  • Disabled sorting and grouping for particular columns
  • Read-only mode
  • Editable mode with immediate grouping and sorting according to the changes made
  • Outlook XP and Outlook 2003 report grid layouts and styles
  • Support for all themes available in Prof-UIS
Formula Grid. »  
Rich set of grid cells(~50) »  
Filtering and sorting capabilities »  
Printing and print preview for grids »  
Merged cells »  
Frozen columns and rows »  
Skin support »  
Skin support. » »
Black Diamond skin. » »
Aqua skin. » »
OLE Automation Support    
OLE Automation objects for customizing menus and toolbars. »  
Visual Studio Compatibility    
The following versions of Visual Studio are supported:
  • Visual Studio 6.0
  • Visual Studio .NET
  • Visual Studio .NET 2003
  • Visual Studio 2005
  • Visual Studio 2008
  • Visual Studio 2010
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • Visual Studio 2013
  • Visual Studio 2015
  • Visual Studio 2017
» »
Application Wizard. »  
Integration Wizard. »  
MSDN integrated Help. » »
Miscellaneous Features    
Support for Windows Vista/XP quality icons. » »
Command manager, which stores all the information about commands used in toolbars and menus like text, icon, tooltip text, and more. » »
Resource manager, which allows you to switch between languages supported in Prof-UIS and/or your application on the fly. » »
Nine paint manager classes for implementing the themes available in Prof-UIS. Each paint manager draws all UI components in a consistent way. » »
Multiple monitor support, which allows you to use two or more monitors simultaneously, with each of them being part of your desktop. » »
GUI persistence. The default implementation serializes the user interface components to the Windows registry but you can also serialize data to use a file on dick. » »
Full screen mode for MDI/SDI applications. » »
A set of generalized template window classes for automating various common tasks including flicker-free painting, providing a thin border around a control, theme consistency, and more. » »

Supported operating systems include:

  • 32-bit Windows 95/98/98SE/ME
  • 32-bit Windows NT/2000/XP/2003
  • 32-bit Windows Vista
  • 32-bit Windows 7
  • 64-bit Windows XP/2003
  • 64-bit Windows Vista
  • 64-bit Windows 7
» »
Localized to 39 languages including Arabic, Armenian, Belarusian, Bosnian, Brazilian Portuguese, Bulgarian, Canadian French, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Khmer, Korean, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Vietnamese. » »
Right-To-Left (RTL) support for languages like Arabic and Hebrew. » »
Support for ANSI, MBCS, and UNICODE. » »
The library is designed to be used in in EXE, DLL, and ActiveX projects. » »