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Miscellaneous Features

Template classes

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Prof-UIS provides a set of generalized template window classes for automating various common tasks:

  • CExtWFF provides flicker-free painting.
  • CExtWRB allows you to set a thin border around a control. The border is consistent with the currently used theme. This template class is typically used for windows inside Prof-UIS control bars.
  • CExtWS makes the window consistent with the currently used theme, saves/restores the window screen position, and adds a gripper to its right-bottom corner.
  • CExtWA adds the anchor feature to child windows enabling them to be anchored to any border of their parent window.
  • CExtPPVW provides the print and print preview functionality both for the Prof-UIS grids and CView and CScrollView classes.

Print previewing in the DrawCli sample

Using the CExtPPVW template for previewing CView data in the DrawCli sample