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Report grid

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The Prof-UIS report grid implements an Outlook-like table view and features:

  • All the rich functionality implemented in the data grid including support for 30+ cell types
  • Outlook-like row grouping with Group By Box
  • Grouping and sorting rows by multiple columns
  • Resizing, reordering, and hiding columns
  • Field Chooser window for hiding/showing columns
  • Proportional column sizing when resizing the parent window
  • Best Fit width option for columns
  • Left, center, right, and type-based alignment for columns
  • Auto preview for text and graphics
  • UI persistence
  • Various modes of row selection
  • Row/cell focus, column and row formatting
  • A set of modes of displaying cell buttons (always, in the focused row only, in selected rows, and never)
  • Disabled sorting and grouping for particular columns
  • Read-only mode
  • Editable mode with immediate grouping and sorting according to the changes made
  • Outlook XP and Outlook 2003 report grid layouts and styles
  • Support for all themes available in Prof-UIS

Prof-UIS data grid control