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Have I mentioned how awesome your product [Elegant Ribbon] is lately? I know I can be critical at times but I want you guys to know without your control my product would be nothing. There are still a few things that I need but your product is fantastic. My product could not look any better than it does. I will be sending you guys a beta of my software in a few weeks. You might use it because it is for developers. Once it is finished I will give you guys a few license keys for your use. I really appreciate you guys and the changes you have made for me." Chris Herrington, CSS, Inc, USA
"Prof-UIS is an excellent professional software library that let’s the developer have the focus on the functionality rather the user interface. In combination with the perfect technical support it is unbeatable. If you ever want to sell your software product Prof-UIS library is a must. I’m looking forward to the next version of this outstanding software." Roland Ehlert, maxcrc GmbH, Germany
"Thanks guys, renewing was a no-brainer for us. We are definitely happy with our decision to go with Prof-UIS. After two long years of effort on our new product, the quality and reliability of Prof-UIS along with your excellent support allowed us to concentrate on the things we do best. Keep up the good work!" Bob Sabiston, Canfit-X Software Architect, Canada
"I am also impressed as to how easy it was to create a custom cell type. I had originally set about creating one from scratch that would provide a combo box that listed line drawing styles (solid, dashed, dot, etc) as actual lines. But have since learned that I could just derive my custom type from CExtGridCellComboBox and override the OnPopupListBoxDrawItem and OnPaintText methods to handle the drawing. So what had started out being a 1.5 day project to create it from scratch, due to learning what had to be included in the class, turned into a ½ hour project." Marty Barringer, Senior Principal Engineer, USA
"I knew that I am going to have some kind of support for the full version of Prof-UIS, but I have never thought that I will have such great help from your side !!!!" Nedim Mujezinovic, IMP, Austria
"I'd like to say that I'm impressed with the Prof-UIS as well as your support. It was reassuring to me that I was able to "modernize" some aspects of my product's u/i with very few additional lines of code. At first, I expected a lot more documentation than Prof-UIS provides. But I'm learning to rely on the many source code samples you provide. When I'm debugging, and step from my code into the library's code, I'm pleased with the quality of the code I find there. You guys have an excellent understanding of C++ as well as MFC. I've been programming in MFC for more years than just about anyone. I was Microsoft's program manager for the first versions of MFC, and designed the Scribble tutorial app." Mark Walsen, Notation Software, Inc., USA
"Prof-UIS is an excellent software library. We were able to enhance our program GUI and present our customers with an extremely flexible and functional interface that surpassed anything we had previously been able to offer. The Technical Support Team has been a wonderful help with their existing library as well as creating smaller sample applications customized to our specific needs. Thank you Prof-UIS Technical Support Team." Courtney Binek, Baron Services, Inc., USA
"I’m the CTO of VisionWorks Solutions Inc. ( and I previously purchased your software. I just wanted to let you guys know what a great job you are doing. When I purchased the extra year of updates I didn’t even expect in that full year to get the amount of updates that there has been in the past month. I’m a very satisfied client and wanted to let you guys know. Keep up the good work. It looks as though you have made a life long client out of me." Brian R. Bondy, CTO, VisionWorks Solutions Inc., Canada
"For the last year we have used the Prof-UIS package in three of our software releases and found it reliable. Out of several thousands of our users we have come across a problem only once, on one of our users machine. The tech support and development teams were very responsive and fixed the bug as soon as it was found. Both Netformx and the customer really appreciate this professional approach." Eyal Nitzan, Director, Software Development, Netformx Inc., Israel
"Recently I have discovered Prof-UIS and was astonished by the fact that I was able to modernize the user interface in my MFC app in only two weeks. Furthermore, support team at FOSS Software is really great - they answered my questions within 24 hours and they even developed a new sample application that illustrates the functionality I needed in my app. Prof-UIS really brings the new dimension out of MFC." Niksa Orlic, Software Engineer, MIDletPascal
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