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Simple Elegant Grid Demos
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Simple Elegant Grid Demos A set of samples demonstrate how to use various features like ADO.NET data binding, data mapping, grouping and sorting by certain fields, modifying cell styles programmatically, and much more. A Work Order demo shows how the grid data are grouped and sorted under heavy load (75,000 records).
Puzzle Game
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Elegant Grid: Puzzle Game Sample Shows how easy it is to create even a game with a predefined set of skins using the flexible skinning architecture of the Elegant Grid.
Elegant Bug Tracker
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Elegant Grid: Elegant Bug Tracker The simple bug tracking tool demonstrates how to bind the grid to ADO.NET data structures and how to use the grid in unbound mode.
Elegant Media Player
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Elegant Grid: Elegant Media Player The primitive mp3 player sample shows how to customize the look and feel of the Elegant Grid to make it look like the popular Winamp media player. The sample demonstrates some of the powerful skinning capabilities available in the Elegant Grid.