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Below is the list of samples that come with Elegant Ribbon. The samples should help you both evaluate Elegant Ribbon and see how to use its features. The source code of the samples is available after you install Elegant Ribbon on your computer. You can download the installer from the download page.

You can also download the samples as compiled applications. It will take no time at all, especially if you are on a home or mobile broadband connection. The archive linked to below contains the samples and Elegant Ribbon assemblies.

Elegant Ribbon compiled samples (binaries) (25.74 Mb)

Ribbon UI
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Ribbon UI Sample

Demonstrates most of run-time and design-time features of the ribbon control. This includes automatic scaling, adaptive layout, windowless controls, contextual tabs, themes, RTL layout and more.

This is an example of a heavy-duty UI with a great number of ribbon groups, controls and images.

Navigation Bar
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Navigation Bar Sample Illustrates how you can combine similar items in vertically stacked groups so that the user can easily navigate through and access these items.
Image Viewer
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Image Viewer Sample Allows you to load images locally or using the Google Image Search web service as well as to view and manipulate loaded images. The sample illustrates how to use galleries and contextual tabs and demonstrates some advanced techniques.
Form Controls
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Form Controls Sample Demonstrates how you can use Elegant Ribbon controls on a form. The sample also allows you to see what the controls look like in RTL layout mode and with different themes (Windows 7, Office 2010, etc.).
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Commands Sample Demonstrates how you can add/remove controls to/from ribbon groups dynamically at run time.
Scribble Sample
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Commands Sample Demonstrates how to use the combo box, up-down control and toggle button in the ribbon.
Style Composer
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Style Composer Sample Illustrates how to use galleries.
Ribbon MDI
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Ribbon MDI Sample Demonstrates how to implement an MDI interface in a ribbon UI application.
Data Binding
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Elegant Controls Sample Illustrates how to use complex data binding with Elegant Ribbon controls on the form.