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Pop-up menu

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The Prof-UIS pop-up menu provides many additional features that go far beyond those available in the standard MFC menu:

  • The menu area is combined with that of its parent control like in Office XP/2003
  • Impressive set of menu animations:
    • none
    • random
    • rollup
    • slide
    • fade
    • roll and stretch
    • noise
    • boxes
    • circles
    • holes
  • Dynamic semi-transparent shadow, which makes any dynamic underlying contents visible (see Figure 2)
  • Built-in support for the command update mechanism of MFC
  • Custom drawn left side and custom drawn menu items
  • Balloon tooltips
  • Support for frequently/rarely used commands
  • Expand animation when displaying rarely used commands

The menu can be easily extended, which allows you to create custom menus and include any extended submenus (e.g. a color selection menu).

MFC Prof-UIS pop-up menu

Figure 1. Prof-UIS pop-up menu

MFC Prof-UIS dynamic shadow

Figure2. Dynamic shadow