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mai mike Jul 27, 2007 - 9:07 AM

How can i get the information (text or number in the cell) of the full column/row which is selected?
The detail is, i want to popup a message-box or a dialog when i click the last column of every row , which includes the text of the full row which is selected . How can i implement it?

Thank you

Technical Support Jul 30, 2007 - 6:25 AM

You should use the FocusGet() method to get the focused row/column in the grid window. This method returns a CPoint object with CPoint::y being the number of the focused row number or -1 value if there is no focused row in the grid window. The ColumnCountGet() method returns the count of columns and you can walk through each column in the focused row and get the CExtGridCell* pointer for it using the GridCellGet() method. This method returns NULL if you did not initialize the grid cell at the specified row/column number. The CExtGridCell::TextGet() returns text displayed by any kind of cell. Most of grid cell classes are derived from CExtGridCellVariant which is derived from CExtGridCell and VARIANT. You can use VARIANT members to get numbers and other data from variant-based cells.