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Elegant Ribbon

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Each control in Elegant Ribbon is designed with three major considerations in mind:

  • It can be used in different contexts, for example, on the ribbon, on the form and in pop-up menus (see Table below).
  • It must be windowless, when it is possible, which saves Windows system resources and prevents a potential problem of the hard-coded limit of 10,000 NT User handles.
  • It can have several visual representations. For example, when used on the ribbon, a control can be represented with a large icon, a small icon with text, and a small icon and change its appearance when the ribbon width changes.
Control Ribbon Form Popup Menu Backstage View
Button Group        
Check Box        
Combo Box        
Date/Time Picker        
Drop-Down Button        
Key Tip        
Masked Text Box        
Numeric Up-Down        
Radio Button        
Screen Tip        
Scroll Bars        
Split Button        
Status Bar        
Tab Control        
Text Box        
Toggle Button