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Elegant Calendar is a feature-rich calendar control that allows you to select one or multiple days (see the sreenshot below). The calendar features a single and multi-month layout. The week numbers, non-month days and a month-selection popup provides fast navigation.

The calendar is highly customizable and enables you to easily change almost every aspect of its visual presentation. You can create one or more visual styles and associated these styles with particular days. You can even completely redraw and change the size of the days to give your calendar a unique look.

You can select the format of displaying the days of the week: first letter, abbreviated or full. The other customizable properties include the first day of the week, today's date and Today and None buttons.

As the most of other Elegant controls, the calendar support the KeyTip and ScreenTip properties.

You can learn more about Elegant Ribbon from Using a Calendar Control.

Elegant Calendar

Elegant Calendar