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July 24, 2013 /  Prof-UIS Newsletter 07/24/2013
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The Prof-UIS Newsletter is a monthly newsletter to inform our users of the progress we are making with our MFC/C++ Library.

We will detail items of special interest to our users. This is often determined by the support and sales questions we receive.

Currently we are updating release 2.94 to sub- revision 2. This update contains some code fixes and two more prototypes.

Our development is focused on Capability, Quality and Stability. This includes our library and its support structure. The support forum is up-to-date. We are responding to all reported support issues, and there are not very many of those. Some of the user issues will be dealt with in this publication.

We have scheduled our first major update 3.00 for October 2013. Contact us with your suggestions, requirements, and other inputs.


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Samples of Release 2.94

Here are the Samples of Release 2.94, which could be
downloaded also from the MFC Downloads Page.

Short Instructions.

Unzip this file into a separate directory.
It contains everything required to view the samples.
We have checked the samples but it’s hard to check all of the variation.
If you find sample that do not work like you expect let us know.
In the event you would like additional capabilities let us know, we are always trying to expand the functionality of the Library. However you should check the Newsletters to see if the capability you are looking for is already scheduled for inclusion in the product.

  Back Stage Dialog



The Prof-UIS Prototypes are ready to use pieces of code. The first 2 introduced with release 2.94 were a simple dialog and a simple skin application. With 2.94.2 we are introducing a Backstage Dialog and a DeskTopApp Dialog.

The function of these Prototypes is to provide a platform to start modifications for your application.

In the future Prototypes will have notes throughout to inform you of your options and how things work. These comments are a work in progress. They are being added as the Prototypes are reviewed.

Inside the code are comments marked with "//* Comments". These comments indicate the modifications and options available for that prototype. You can remove the //* comments when you are making a clean set of code for release.

Prototypes Explanations and a proposed List of types are available on Page 3.

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