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Contextual Tabs

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A contextual tab allows you to provide the user with UI controls within a certain context, for example, when some object in a document is selected. Contextual tabs with a similar context are organized in a contextual tab group so you can have more than one tab in a group. For instance, when the user selects an object in a document, one or more contextual tabs appear so that the user can work with that object by using controls in the contextual tabs (see Figure 1). When the object is no more selected, the contextual tab group disappears.

Contextual tab groups and contextual tabs

Figure 1 Contextual tab groups Picture Tools and Equation with tabs Format and Design

Contextual tabs can be of different colors, with each color associated with a particular context. Elegant Ribbon supports seven predefined tab colors (see Figure 2).

Supported tab colors

Figure 2 Supported colors for contextual tabs

Read this article to learn how to work with contextual tabs.