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Version 2.91 - November 2, 2010

Release Notes

Version 2.91 introduces a fully-fledged declarative UI we call HTML Everywhere. Now you can not only visualize UI elements with HTML but also subscribe and respond to events triggered inside those elements. A new backstage view control similar to that in Microsoft Office 2010 is completely based on this declarative UI. A control like the backstage view has only one window handle and does not consume any additional window handles at all. HTML Everywhere, which first appeared as a beta version in v.2.90, is now much faster, supports most HTML and CSS features and can even visualize the HTML generated by Microsoft Word.

What's New

  • Added a CExtRichContentScrollWnd class, which implements a simple and fast scrollable HTML viewer control.
  • Added a CExtRichGenWnd class, which implements an HTML generator control. It uses a tree data structure describing a logical structure of UI elements to generate an HTML document that displays the described UI. This control is similar to a web server and a web browser together in one box.
  • Added a CExtRibbonBackstageViewWnd class (see screenshot), which implements a backstage view control based on CExtRichGenWnd. The control generates and displays an HTML based backstage view similar to that in Microsoft Office 2010 applications.
  • Added a CExtRibbonBar::m_pBackstageViewWnd property and a set of new CExtRibbonBar::BackstageView_***() methods to use the backstage view control with the ribbon bar.
  • HTML Everywhere now supports:
    • float:left and float:right
    • display:inline-block
    • align parameter of the IMG tag
    • overflow:scroll
    • CSS pseudo classes
    • HTML output generated from the Microsoft Word
  • Added a CExtRibbonBar::m_bFileTabButtonDisplaysText property to display text on the ribbon file button (you can still display an icon instead).
  • Added an automatic best-fit feature for rows and columns in the CExtGridWnd control.
  • Added a __EGCS_EX_AUTO_BEST_FIT extended grid cell style, __EGBS_BSE_EX_AUTO_BEST_FIT_COLUMNS and __EGBS_BSE_EX_AUTO_BEST_FIT_ROWS grid control styles, a set of new CExtGridWnd::OnGridQueryAutoBest***() and CExtGridWnd::OnGridDoAutoBestFit***() virtual methods.
  • The CExtEditBase class now supports advanced Prof-UIS tooltips. Added a CExtEditBase::m_nAdvancedTipStyle property.
  • The CExtSliderWnd class now supports advanced Prof-UIS tooltips. Added a CExtSliderWnd::m_nAdvancedTipStyle property and CExtSliderWnd::SetTooltipText() method.
  • Added CExtHeaderCtrl::OnNotifyHdnTrack() and CExtListCtrl::OnNotifyHdnTrack() virtual methods for processing HDN_TRACK notifications from the CExtHeaderCtrl control.
  • The CExtEditSystemNumber control now supports editing of the scientific number format. Added a CExtEditSystemNumberCurrencyBase::m_bUseScientificNumberMode property and CExtEditSystemNumber::LongDoubleGetBase(), CExtEditSystemNumber::LongDoubleGetMantissa(), CExtEditSystemNumber::LongDoubleGetPower() methods.
  • Added a CExtListCtrl::m_bSelectAllOnCtrlA flag property to select all list view items on the Ctrl+A key combination.
  • Added a CExtShellDialogBrowseFor::m_bHelperEnableShellAutoCompleteInEditor property. If the m_bHelperEnableShellAutoCompleteInEditor is true (by default), the edit control can be used for typing paths and it supports auto completion.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed hijacking issues relating to invocations of the LoadLibrary() Win32 API. Now the LoadLibrary() is invoked only from the Prof-UIS source code at early stage global object constructions.
  • Fixed incorrect measurement of wrapped text in grid cells performed by the CExtGridCell::MeasureCell() virtual method.
  • The AltGr key was supported incorrectly in the CExtMenuControlBar class when it was used with some European keyboard layouts.
  • The UDM_SETBUDDY message was processed incorrectly in the CExtEditWnd class. It attached a CExtSpinWnd control to a CExtEditWnd control using an incorrect spin control location.
  • Fixed some Visual Studio 2010 project building issues in the Prof-UIS Integration Wizard.
  • The Make New Folder button in the Prof-UIS Browse for Folder dialog did not create a new folder under the drive root folder
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