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Version 2.92 - June 13, 2011

Release Notes

Version 2.92 introduces popover scroll bars and some improvements in grid controls and the rich content subsystem.

What's New

  • Added support for popover scroll bars (see screenshot 1 and screenshot 2) in all scrollable controls based on the CExtScrollWnd class. This feature is demonstrated in the following samples:
    • RichContentFeatures (the HTML/CSS dialog page).
    • FilteredGrids and SimpleGrids (the View | ScrollBars menu)
    • ReportGrids (the ReportGrid | ScrollBars menu)
    Added the following properties and methods relating to this feature:
    • CExtScrollWnd::OnSwPaintPopOverItems()
    • CExtScrollWnd::OnSwCalcPopOverScrollBarRects()
    • CExtScrollWnd::OnSwPaintPopOverScrollBars()
    • CExtScrollWnd::OnSwSetPopOverScrollBarCursor()
    • CExtScrollWnd::OnSwPopOverScrollBarHitTest()
    • CExtScrollWnd::OnSwGetPopOverScrollBarStepSize()
    • CExtScrollWnd::m_bDisplayPopOverScrollBars
    • CExtScrollWnd::m_bLightPopOverScrollBars
    • CExtScrollWnd::m_bPopOverScrollBarsVisible
    • CExtScrollWnd::m_bPopOverScrollBarsTracking
    • CExtScrollWnd::m_bHideNormalScrollBars
    • CExtScrollWnd::m_nPopOverScrollBarTimerID
    • CExtScrollWnd::m_nPopOverScrollBarTimerEllapse
    • CExtRichContentItem::RciEvent_Scrolling_GetDefaultSBT()
    • CExtRichContentEvents::RciEvent_Scrolling_GetDefaultSBT()
    • CExtRichContentItem::DoPaintPopOverScrollBars()
    • CExtRichStyleDescription::e_ui_sb_type_t
    • CExtRichStyleDescription::m_eUiSBT
    • CExtRichStyleRule::m_eUiSBT
    Added a ui-sb-type CSS parameter to specify the type of scroll bars in a scrollable HTML element.
  • Added support for a content tip in a grid cell (see screenshot). The tip can host either plain text or HTML. It can be displayed even if all parts of a grid cell are visible. Added the following properties and methods relating to this feature:
    • CExtGridBaseWnd::OnGbwContentTipWndGet()
    • CExtGridBaseWnd::OnGbwContentTip()
    • CExtGridBaseWnd::OnGbwContentTipCancel()
    • CExtGridCell::ContentTipGet()
    • CExtGridCell::ContentTipSet()
    • CExtGridCell::OnContentTip()
  • The CExtRichContentScrollWnd control now allows you to attach a window handle to an HTML element by element ID (see screenshot). Added the following properties and methods relating to this feature:
    • CExtRichContentItem::m_hWndAttached
    • CExtRichContentLayout::AttachHwndToElementID()
    • CExtRichContentLayout::GetElementIdByHWND()
    • CExtRichContentLayout::GetHwndByElementID()
    • CExtRichContentLayout::GetWndByElementID()
    • CExtRichContentLayout::GetWndPermanentByElementID()
    • CExtRichContentLayout::LayoutAttachedControls()
    • CExtRichContentItem::LayoutAttachedControl()
  • The CExtRichContentLayout::Scrolling_GetHorizontalScrollBarHeight() and CExtRichContentLayout::Scrolling_GetVerticalScrollBarWidth() methods now have a new const CExtRichContentItem * pRCI parameter.
  • Improved the way grid controls filter their data: now when you open a column filter, it contains unchecked items as well as checked ones.
  • Added an __ECTN_EX_NO_RIBBON_GALLERY_TIP command node style for hiding tooltips in ribbon galleries.
  • Added a bUseScientificNumberMode parameter to the CExtEditSystemNumber class constructor to support scientific mode in the number editor.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed incorrect mm unit conversion in the CSS subsystem.
  • Fixed incorrect parsing of font-family and text-decoration CSS parameters.
  • Fixed a hit testing bug in the CExtRichContentScrollWnd control related to incorrect mouse capture processing.
  • Fixed a crash when using the print preview on Windows x64 under certain conditions.
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