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Version 2.90 - June 22, 2010

Release Notes

Presents several important features that should make your MFC applications easier to interact with and more appealing to your users.

What's New

New Features

  • Added support for displaying HTML content in the text area of almost any Prof-UIS control (see screenshot). This new HTML Everywhere feature enables you to make your MFC applications visually richer with the ease of creating HTML pages. This feature is a beta.
  • Added an CExtAviLabel video control with a themed background (see screenshot). This feature is a beta.
  • Added themed scroll bars for the Visual Studio 2010 UI theme (see screenshot).
  • Added a Rich Content sample that illustrates the new HTML Everywhere feature.

Bug Fixes

  • 64-bit version of CExtListCtrl crashed when you tried to use short strings (less than four characters) in its CExtHeaderCtrl.
  • CExtGroupBox flickered when you changed its caption programmatically.
  • CExtStatusControlBar::WidthFromContent() returned an icorrect status pane size.
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