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Version 2.89 - April 27, 2010

What's New

New Features

  • Added a Visual Studio 2010 theme (see screenshot 1 and screenshot 2). The most of bitmap-based UI elements in this theme are based on images generated on-the-fly from the code.
  • Prof-UIS Integration Wizard is updated to support Visual Studio 2010.
  • Added a CExtCustomizeSite::m_bEnableIconOptionsForIconlessCommands flag to assign icons to icon-less commands in customize mode.
  • Added the following styles to the CExtColorPaletteWnd class to allow the user to pick custom colors on left/right mouse button clicks over the active colors area:
  • Added a m_bAllowMinimizeRibbonOptionsDialog flag to the CExtRibbonBar control so that the user cannot minimize its Options dialog.
  • Added FromGradient(), ColorRect() and GradientRect() methods to the CExtBitmap class. These methods are used by the new Visual Studio 2010 theme for generating skin elements on-the-fly.
  • Added a CExtGridWnd::OnGridCellPopupDatePickerSelChange() virtual method to handle the date number picking event in a popup calendar control displayed by a date-time grid cell.
  • Added a CExtRibbonNode::RibbonILE_SetCollapsedNever() method to suppess button group collapsing in the ribbon.
  • Added a drag-and-drop starting feature for tab items in dynamic control bars in document mode.
  • Added CExtDynamicBarSite::OnStartDraggingDocumentTabItem() and CExtDynamicControlBar::OnStartDraggingDocumentTabItem() virtual methods and CExtDynamicBarSite::m_bEnableDndDocumentTabs and CExtDynamicControlBar::m_bEnableDndDocumentTabs flags.
  • Button groups in the ribbon now support long caption text. Now the caption text can optionally make the button group wider and display a tooltip with ellipsis effect.
  • Added OnRibbonQueryGroupCaptionTextCompletelyVisible() and OnRibbonQueryGroupCaptionTextWithToolTip() virtual methods to the CExtRibbonPage class.

Improvements and Changes

  • All CExtGridCell::OnGridCellInplaceControl***Verify() virtual methods now return the result from the corresponding CExtGridWnd::OnGridCellInplaceControl***Verify() methods.
  • All CExtGridWnd::OnGridCellInplaceControl***Verify() virtual methods now return true.
  • The print and preview for the CExtPropertyGridCtrl control now create a content using the active tree grid control. I.e. if you are viewing a sorted property view and invoking the print or preview command, the sorted properties without categories will be printed.
  • The dynamic control bars can now work in previously unsupported environments where the dynamic bars could not be switched into document mode.

Bug Fixes

  • CExtTreeCtrl::TreeItemInfoGetPtr() returned NULL when handling a tree item insertion event.
  • Incorrect appearance of the skinned progress window with the position set to minimum.
  • Incorrect internal latitude representation in geographic controls. Now the northern values are represented by positive numbers and southern by negative ones.
  • When using the CExtShellTreeCtrl control, you could not rename a folder if the escape key was simultaneously pressed.
  • Project generation code issues in the Prof-UIS Application Wizard for Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008.
  • MDI windows were tiled incorrectly when particular numbers of MDI windows were reached.
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