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Version 2.64 - February 21, 2007

Release Notes

Prof-UIS 2.64 is a minor release. The version introduces a lot of new features, improvements and bug fixes.

What's New

Ribbon Bar

  • Added key tips for controls in CExtRibbonBar and CExtRibbonPage (see screenshots for the top level commands, a ribbon group and the application menu).
  • The Ribbon Bar control can now be used in MDI applications. This feature is demonstrated in a new RibbonBarMDI sample.
  • Added a CExtRibbonNodeMdiRightButtons class that implements a node for MDI buttons in the right top corner of the ribbon bar.

Toolbars and Control Bars

  • Added GetPaneBkColor()/SetPaneBkColor(), GetPaneTextColor()/SetPaneTextColor(), and OnQueryPaneBackColor() methods to the CExtStatusControlBar, which allows you to get and set colors of the background and text of a pane in the status bar.
  • Added support for the indeterminate state of toolbar buttons and menu items in all paint managers.
  • Added support for help activation when F1 is pressed over the selected menu item or the toolbar button highlighted by the mouse pointer. The following static properties were added:
    • CExtMenuControlBar::g_bTranslateContextHelpCmd
    • CExtMenuControlBar::g_accelContextHelp
    • CExtPopupMenuWnd::g_bTranslateContextHelpCmd
    • CExtPopupMenuWnd::g_accelContextHelp

Tab Controls and Tab Page Containers

  • Added two overloaded versions of CExtTabPageContainerWnd::PageSelectionSet() method. You can now select a particular page programmatically using either its HWND handle or CWnd pointer. In earlier versions, you could only do this using the page index.
  • Added CloseOnTabsSet(), CloseOnTabsGet() and CloseOnTabsSelectedOnlyGet() methods to the CExtTabPageContainerWnd class. The methods allow you to control the Close button in tabs by using the __ETWS_EX_CLOSE_ON_TABS and __ETWS_EX_CLOSE_ON_SELECTED_ONLY tab styles (introduced in v.2.62) in an indirect way.

Data Grid, Tree Grid, Property Grid and Report Grid

All Grids

  • Added a CExtPPVW template class that provides printing and print preview for CExtGridWnd, CExtTreeGridWnd, CExtPropertyGridWnd and CExtReportGridWnd classes. The printing and printing preview functionality features a new built-in metafile spooler that makes processing large grids (e.g. 400-500 pages) really fast. The new feature is demonstrated in ProfUIS_Controls (see screenshot), SimpleGrids (see screenshot) and ReportGrid (see screenshot) samples.
  • Updated the SimpleGrids sample, which now demonstrates the printing and print preview.
  • The gridlines can now be displayed not only around grid cells but also extended to the blank area of the grid. The following extended BSE/EAL grid styles (BSE stands for Behavior/Sort/Editing and EAL for Empty Area Lines) were added:
  • You can get and set these styles using the CExtGridWnd::BseGetStyleEx() and CExtGridWnd::BseModifyStyleEx() methods. You can also control grid lines using the following new methods of CExtGridWnd:
    • GridEmptyAreaLinesHorzBottomGet()
    • GridEmptyAreaLinesHorzBottomSet()
    • GridEmptyAreaLinesVertBottomGet()
    • GridEmptyAreaLinesVertBottomSet()
    • GridEmptyAreaLinesHorzRightGet()
    • GridEmptyAreaLinesHorzRightSet()
    • GridEmptyAreaLinesVertRightGet()
    • GridEmptyAreaLinesVertRightSet()
    • GridEmptyAreaLinesHorzCornerGet()
    • GridEmptyAreaLinesHorzCornerSet()
    • GridEmptyAreaLinesVertCornerGet()
    • GridEmptyAreaLinesVertCornerSet()
  • Added an OnGbwQueryEmptyAreaLinesMetrics() overridable method to the CExtGridBaseWnd class that is called when gridlines are to be drawn.
  • Uploaded a little sample that demonstrates all possible variants of gridlines.

Cell Types

  • Added a set of __EGCPF_*** flags for controlling the print rendering of grid cells.
  • Added LimitTextGet() and LimitTextSet() methods to the CExtGridCellEx class, with which you can get and set the maximum number of characters the user can type in the in-place editor.
  • Added GetAllowTrailingZeroes() and SetAllowTrailingZeroes() methods to the CExtGridCellNumber and CExtGridCellCurrency classes, which allow you to suppress trailing zeros.
  • Added an OnQueryTrailingZeroes() virtual method to the CExtGridCellNumberBase class, which is called to determine if trailing zeros should be suppressed.
  • Added bHovered and bFocused parameters to the CExtGridCell::OnPaintButton(), CExtGridCell::OnPaintCheck() and CExtGridCell::OnCalcCheckSize() virtual methods so that the built-in push button and check box (that are available in all grid cells but CExtGridCellButton) can support the hovered and focused states.
  • Added a CExtGridCellButton class that implements a cell button (see screenshot). The new cell button is demonstrated in the ProfUIS_Controls sample (on the Grid page).
  • When entering floating-point numbers in numeric cells (e.g. CExtCellCurrency), both the point (".") and the comma (",") are now supported as the decimal symbol regardless of the system locale settings.
  • Added a dwHelperPaintFlags parameter to the CExtGridCell::OnQueryDrawTextFlags() method for controlling the print rendering of grid cells.
  • Added an overloaded version of CExtGridCellComboBox::FindString() method, which allows you to search by user-defined values associated with combo box items. This can be helpful when your combo box is filled with data from a database table and you want to find a particular item by its ID that is stored as the user-defined value associated with the item.
  • Added a CExtGridCellHotKey class, which implements a hotkey grid cell. The following methods were added to the CExtGridCell and CExtGridWnd classes for handling input from the hotkey control:
    • CExtGridCell::OnInplaceControlHotKeyInputComplete()
    • CExtGridCell::OnInplaceControlHotKeyInputVerify()
    • CExtGridWnd::OnGridCellInplaceControlHotKeyInputVerify()
    • CExtGridWnd::OnGridCellInplaceControlHotKeyInputComplete()
  • Updated the ProfUIS_Controls sample, which now demonstrates the hotkey cell

Tree Grid

  • Added support for more than one outer row/column in the CExtTreeGridWnd class.
  • The end user can now swap columns in CExtTreeGridWnd via drag-and-drop. You can download a test project that demonstrates this feature.
  • Added ItemCopyMove() and ItemCopyMoveTest() methods to the CExtTreeGridWnd class, which allow you to move and/or copy tree rows using a drag-and-drop operation. You can download a test project that demonstrates how to use this feature in the tree grid window.

Report Grid

  • You can now invoke the context menu over the column header of the report grid when all columns in the report grid are hidden.
  • The report grid is now immediately redrawn when you check/uncheck columns in the context menu.

Common Controls

  • Added a CExtEditHotKeyBase class, which implements a hotkey control. It is a window that displays a text representation of the key combination the user types in it (e.g., Ctrl+Shift+Q). It is similar to the Windows common hotkey control but implements the following additional features:
    • Prof-UIS context menu
    • Custom tooltip text
    • Custom text and background colors
  • Added a CExtEditHotKey class, which makes the CExtEditHotKeyBase control consistent with the themes supported in Prof-UIS.
  • Added a CExtProgressWnd class that implements a progress bar control (see screenshot). The new class is demonstrated in the StatusPanes (see screenshot) and ProfUIS_Controls samples.
  • Removed the following virtual methods from CExtDurationWnd:
    • virtual void OnSpinButtonSyncVisibility();
    • virtual void OnDropDownButtonSyncVisibility();
    • virtual BOOL OnCreateSpinButton();
    • virtual BOOL OnCreateDropDownButton();
  • Added multiline support for the hyperlink button.
  • The fonts of the following controls are now inherited from their parent dialog:
    • CExtLabel
    • CExtTabWnd
    • CExtTabPageContainerWnd
    • CExtDatePickerWnd
    You can change this behavior by overriding the OnQueryFont() virtual method. NOTE: The signatures of the following methods of the CExtDatePickerWnd class changed:
    • OnDatePickerQueryHeaderPopupFont()
    • OnDatePickerQueryDayCellFont()
    • OnDatePickerQueryMonthHeaderFont()
    • OnDatePickerQueryDaysOfWeekFont()
  • Added a CExtIPAddressCtrl class, which is similar to the Windows common IP address control and consistent with the themes supported in Prof-UIS.
  • Added SetBkColor()/GetBkColor() methods to the CExtColorCtrl class, with which you can set and get the background color of the CExtColorCtrl control.
  • Added SetBkColor()/GetBkColor() methods to the CExtWS template class, with which you can set and get the background color of the window to which this template is applied. For example, you can control the background color of the CExtResizableDialog dialog.
  • Updated the FormEditor sample. You can now drop Prof-UIS controls onto the form.


  • All paint managers now support persistence across application launches. The following methods were added to the CExtPaintManager::CExtPaintManagerAutoPtr class:
    • PaintManagerStateLoad()
    • PaintManagerStateSave()
    • PaintManagerStateSerialize()
  • Updated all Prof-UIS samples, which now demonstrate how to load and save the paint manager state.
  • The UI state is now serialized under the key ProfUIS independently from the library version. This makes it possible to keep intact end-users' settings when you upgrade Prof-UIS on end-users' machines.
  • If you use more than one copy of Prof-UIS in your application (e.g., one copy is used in the main application and one in a loaded regular DLL), you can now easily synchronize the paint managers between them. The following methods were added to the CExtPaintManager::CExtPaintManagerAutoPtr class:
    • Advise()
    • Unadvise()
    • UnadviseAll()
  • Added support (beta) for the Windows IA-64 platform with corresponding Visual Studio projects added to the library.
  • Prof-UIS is now localized to Slovak (see screenshot). Many thanks to Rado.

Bug Fixes

  • Changed the visual style of the CExtDateTimeWnd and CExtDurationWnd controls in order to make them consistent with the combo box and edit.
  • Fixed MDI crashes in some cases.
  • Fixed an incorrect size of the tab control inside the tabbed control bar container when the container is floating and when a skinned paint manager is applied.
  • Changed the way the printing and print preview subsystem renders 32-bit bitmap surfaces in order to prevent crashes when particular printer drivers were used (e.g., HP 1022).
  • Fixed CExtRibbonBar to avoid unwanted assert failures in debug mode in some cases.
  • Fixed compatibility issues with the 64-bit x64 platform when Prof-UIS was compiled using Visual Studio 2005 SP 1.
  • Fixed a bug in the CExtTabWnd::ItemRemove() or CExtTabPageContainerWnd::PageRemove() methods when no more than one tab could be removed.
  • Fixed a bug in the pop-up menu of the color cell when there was no way to detect that the user clicked the Default Color button.
  • Fixed a bug with aligning the built-in check box in a cell if there was assigned an icon to the cell.
  • Fixed a bug in several cell classes when the text could be edited in the read-only mode.
  • Fixed a bug when the text was not correctly aligned in the button control at design time.
  • Fixed an incorrect text color used in the None and Today buttons in the CExtDatePickerWnd control when the Office 2007 Black (Obsidian) theme was applied.
  • Fixed a bug when a button text was not aligned properly.
  • Fixed an unwanted assertion failure in MDI tab windows that occurred when a lengthy operation was invoked inside an overridden CDocument::OnNewDocument() virtual method in the MDI environment.
  • Fixed a problem with incorrect layout of controls in the ribbon bar with a small number of ribbon groups.
  • Fixed a bug when a radio/check button without text was not aligned properly.
  • Fixed a bug in the toolbar, menu bar and ribbon bar when the buttons under context menus were painted incorrectly in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug when editing a cell, the user could scroll the entire grid with the mouse wheel.
  • Fixed a bug in the theme switcher toolbar when the theme menu items were not correctly updated after the user closed it.
  • Fixed a bug with timer leaks in the CExtControlBar class.
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