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Version 2.62 - November 29, 2006

Release Notes

Prof-UIS 2.62 is a minor release. The most important feature of the new version is that Prof-UIS is now fully compatible with Windows Vista. That means you can be sure that your Prof-UIS-based application can be seamlessly run and is fully supported on any OS from Windows 9x/NT to Vista.

What's New

General Look and Feel

  • Added built-in support for the Desktop Windows Manager (DWM) (see screenshot), the technology in Microsoft Windows Vista that controls the display and update of windows on the desktop. Now any of your MFC applications using Prof-UIS can be seamlessly run on Windows Vista and have all the benefits provided by DWM including a translucent and blurred non-client area and a new shadow around the main application window.
  • Improved the color schemes in all Office 2007 themes.

Ribbon Bar

  • Added transparency support for the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Added support for the Right-To-Left (RTL) layout (see screenshot).

Toolbars and Control Bars

  • Added the following methods to the CExtBarNcAreaButton and CExtControlBar classes for controlling the disabled, hover, and pushed states of the button:
    • NcButtons_HandleClick()
    • NcButtons_PostClick()
    • NcButtons_HandleQueryVisibility()
    • NcButtons_HandleDraw()
    • NcButtons_HandleHitTest()
    • NcButtons_HandleQueryCursor()
    • NcButtons_HandleReposition()
    • NcButtons_HandleToolHitTest()
  • All the control bars and toolbars when floating (undocked) have a single pixel inner border to be better consistent with toolbars and control bars in Microsoft products.

Tab Controls and Tab Page Containers

  • Improved the CExtTWPC::OnTabWndSyncVisibility() virtual method in a way that when the number of visible tabs gets equal to zero, the tab strip hides.
  • Added support for a Close button in every tab. There were two styles added:
  • __ETWS_EX_CLOSE_ON_TABS (a Close button similar to that in Firefox 2.0) (see screenshot)
  • __ETWS_EX_CLOSE_ON_SELECTED_ONLY (a Close button similar to that in Internet Explorer 7) (see screenshot)

Data Grid, Property Grid and Report Grid

  • Added a CExtGridCellInplaceSlider class, which implements a windowless slider/scroll bar in a grid cell (see screenshot).
  • The CExtGridCellColor::m_PackedColor property is now a protected member.
  • Added the following methods to the CExtGridCellColor class that should be used instead of the corresponding methods of the CPackedColor class:
    • Clear()
    • IsSysColor()
    • GetSysColorIdx()
    • GetColor()
    • GetColorRGB()
    • SetColor()
    • SetRandomizedColor()
  • Added an __EGCS_EX_EMPTY extended cell style, which makes the cell empty. The empty style is automatically removed when the user starts entering some value in the cell.
  • Added CExtGridCell::IsEmpty() and CExtGridCell::Empty() methods, which allow you to check if the cell is empty and make it empty.

Common Controls

  • Added support for tooltips for the up/down/thumb buttons and page up/page down areas in the CExtScrollBar class (see screenshot). You can enable these tooltips by setting the m_bEnabledToolTips to true and set tooltip text using the following variables:
    • m_strTipTextForUpButton
    • m_strTipTextForDownButton
    • m_strTipTextForPageUpArea
    • m_strTipTextForPageDownArea
    • m_strTipTextForThumbButton
  • Added a CExtZoomScrollBar class (see screenshot), which implements a zoom scroll bar window similar to that introduced in Microsoft Office 2007 applications.
  • Added a ZoomScrollBar sample (see screenshot) that shows how to use the zoom scroll bar for zooming up and down a map of railway stations in Germany. The sample also shows how an alpha-channel bitmap can be used for highlighting the zoom area selected by left-clicking, holding, and moving the mouse.
  • Added a property m_bNoRefToCmdMngr to the CExtButton class, which allows you to indicate that the command items in the pop-up menu associated with the button should not be based on the command descriptions stored in the command manager.
  • Added OnQueryFrameColor(), SetFrameColor(), and GetFrameColor() methods to the CExtGroupBox class, which allow to specify the color of the group box border.


  • Updated the StatusPanes sample, which now demonstrates scroll bar and zoom scroll bar in the status bar (see screenshot).
  • Updated the ProfUIS_Controls sample, which now demonstrates the following features:
    • Slider/scroll bar cell (the CExtGridCellInplaceSlider class) (see screenshot).
    • Favorites menu (see screenshot).
    • Scroll bar and zoom scroll bar in the status bar.
  • Updated the documentation with new FAQ articles and information on new classes.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when multiline text in grid cells was measured incorrectly.
  • Fixed a problem with 100% CPU usage when moving the mouse pointer over skinned NC areas.
  • Fixed a bug with flashing menus in the ribbon control.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect drawing of the multicolumn combo box when the width of some column was equal to zero.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect colors of the group box border in Office 2007 theme paint managers.
  • Fixed all reported problems with Windows 98/NT4.
  • Fixed a problem with restoring the size of a floating dynamic control bar.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.
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