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Version 2.61 - October 20, 2006

Release Notes

Prof-UIS 2.61 is a minor release, which introduces new features and fixes reported bugs.

What's New

General Look and Feel

  • Added a silver theme (see screenshot) similar to that introduced in the Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 2.
  • Added DPI-dependant scaling for the non-client area (all Office 2007 themes), ribbon bar, ribbon page, and pop-up menus. The UI elements and fonts are now smoothly scaled according to the DPI screen resolution (see screenshot).

Ribbon Bar

  • Added three new Office 2007 R3 themes (Luna Blue, Obsidian and Silver) similar to those introduced in Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh (see screenshot).
  • Added functionality that makes the ribbon bar UI-persistent (CExtRibbonBar::CustomizeStateSave() and CExtRibbonBar::CustomizeStateLoad() methods).
  • Added CExtRibbonOptionsDialog and CExtRibbonOptionsPage classes that allow the end user to customize the Quick Access Toolbar (see screenshot). The CExtRibbonOptionsDialog window is a container for one or more CExtRibbonOptionsPage windows.
  • Added a CExtRibbonOptionsPageCustomizeQATB class that allows the end user to assign keyboard accelerators (shortcuts) to commands (see screenshot).
  • The ribbon bar can now be minimized (collapsed) permanently by double clicking any of its tabs or temporarily by clicking a tab once. This behavior is similar to that of the ribbon in the latest release of Office 2007 (Beta 2 Technical Refresh).

Data Grid, Property Grid and Report Grid

  • Added a CExtGridCellDuration class, which implements a duration cell (see screenshot).
  • Added a CExtGridCellCheckListComboBox class, which implements a combo box cell with a pop-up list box that contains items with a check box next to each item in the list (see screenshot).
  • Added support for the up and down buttons in the CExtGridCellDateTime and CExtGridCellDuration cells for scrolling the day part.
  • Added CExtTabWnd::ItemEnabledGet() and CExtTabWnd::ItemEnabledSet() methods. The first method allows you to determine if a particular tab is enabled or disabled. The second method makes a tab enabled or disabled.

Page Navigator

  • The Page Navigator now supports the collapsed/expanded state for each pane (see screenshot) like in the Outlook 2007 Navigation Pane. The state can be changed programmatically or with the mouse. Added ItemPaneExpand(), ItemPaneIsExpanded(), ItemPaneExpandableGet(), and ItemPaneExpandableSet() methods to the CExtPageNavigatorWnd class and Expand(), IsExpanded(), ExpandableGet(), and ExpandableSet() methods to the CExtPageNavigatorWnd::ITEM_PANE_INFO class.
  • Updated the look of the Page Navigator (see screenshot), which now looks like the Navigation Pane in Microsoft Office 2007.


  • Updated the ProfUIS_Controls sample, which now demonstrates the CExtGridCellDuration and CExtGridCellCheckListComboBox cells and how to use a toolbar in the status bar (see screenshot).
  • Prof-UIS is now compatible with Windows Vista RC2.
  • Enhanced the CExtTabPageContainerWnd::PageEnabledSet() method that now enables/disables both a tab item and the page window associated with this tab.
  • Added a virtual OnPopupListBoxClose() method to the CExtCustomizeSite, CExtBarTextFieldButton and CExtGridCell classes. The method is invoked when the pop-up list box of a combo box field or a cell gets closed.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the RibbonPage sample, which could not be compiled with Visual Studio 2005.
  • Fixed a bug when disabled tabs were painted incorrectly in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug when disabled icons on buttons and tabs were not invalidated when the current theme changes.
  • Fixed a bug when the cell contents could not be edited with the mouse wheel.
  • Fixed a memory leak in the StatusPanes sample.
  • Fixed a bug when pressing the VK_RETURN key caused emptying the contents of a cell with the __EGWS_BSE_EDIT_AUTO style applied.
  • Fixed a bug in the CExtGridCellComboBox class when the cell icon was not painted.
  • Added the WM_PRINT and WM_PRINTCLIENT messages handlers for all Prof-UIS controls so the controls can be correctly painted when the Windows API AnimateWindow() function is used.
  • Fixed a bug with Asian language characters displayed incorrectly when any of Office 2007 themes was applied.
  • The Days text displayed in the CExtDurationWnd control is now localizable.
  • Fixed a bug when the Windows task bar was covered by the maximized main frame/dialog window when a skinnable or Office 2007 theme was applied.
  • Fixed a bug with an incorrect location of menu bar buttons when switching between the full screen and normal modes.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.
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