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Version 2.60 - September 18, 2006

Release Notes

Prof-UIS 2.60 is a major library release. It is available both as an installer and as a zip file with source code and documentation in the download section.

The new version introduces the candidate release version of the ribbon bar control, which is similar to that of the new streamlined Microsoft Office user interface. The new 25 classes implementing the ribbon control are designed in a way to give you the maximum control and flexibility when creating your ribbon-based applications. The RibbonBar and RibbonPage samples demonstrate how to incorporate the new user interface.

The detailed list of new features, enhancements, and bug fixes is given below. The help has been updated to reflect new classes added in the previous minor releases. It comes with the library installers or can be downloaded directly from our website.

What's New

General Look and Feel

  • Added an alpha animation effect for buttons, radio buttons, check boxes, and all controls in the toolbar, menu bar, ribbon bar, and scroll bar.
  • Buttons, check boxes, radio buttons, and header areas inside grid windows are now skinned and consistent with Prof-UIS themes (e.g., see screenshot for the Office 2007 Luna/Blue theme).

Ribbon Bar

  • Added 25 classes implementing the functionality of the ribbon bar.
  • Added RibbonBar and RibbonPage sample applications.
  • The ribbon bar is consistent with each of nine themes available in Prof-UIS.

Toolbars and Control Bars

  • Added a CExtBarCheckBoxButton class, which implements a check box in a toolbar (see screenshot).
  • Added a CExtBarRadioBoxButton class, which implements a radio box in a toolbar (see screenshot).
  • Added a CExtBarLabelButton class, which implements a label in a toolbar.
  • Added StateSetCheckBox(), StateIsCheckBox(), StateSetRadioBox(), and StateIsRadioBox() methods to the CExtCmdItem class. These methods allow you to operate check boxes and radio boxes in toolbars.
  • Updated the StatusPanes sample. Now it shows how to use a toolbar in the status bar (see screenshot).

Data Grid, Property Grid and Report Grid

  • Added support for activating the in-place editor for all grid windows when the user starts typing over a cell. Added an __EGWS_BSE_EDIT_AUTO grid style and an __EGCS_EX_NO_AUTO_EDIT cell style. The CExtGridWnd::EditCell() and CExtGridBaseWnd::OnGbwBeginEdit() virtual methods now features a new strStartEditText parameter.
  • Added TAB-based navigation for the property grid.

Common Controls

  • Added an OnAutoSelectNextItem() method to the CExtDurationWnd class. It is called when the control is about to select the next item after input in some item is complete and the AutoSelectNext mode is turned on with SetAutoSelectNext(true).
  • Added a ShowDropDown() method to the CExtDateTimeWnd class, which shows the drop-down calendar of the date/time control.
  • Added IsReadOnly() and SetReadOnly() methods to the CExtDurationWnd class, which allow you to get/set the read-only mode for the duration and date/time controls.
  • Added a FindItemExact() method to the CExtComboBoxBase class, which finds the first list-box string matching the specified string.
  • The spin control (the CExtSpinWnd class) is now skinned with Office2007 themes (see screenshot).


  • Documented the following classes CExtBitmap, CExtComboBoxBase::LB_ITEM, CExtComboBoxBase::LB_ITEM::CELL, CExtGCF, CExtGridCellCurrency, CExtGridCellFraction, CExtGridCellNumber, CExtGridCellNumberBase, CExtGridCellPercentage, CExtGridCellPicture, CExtGridCellPictureBase, CExtGridCellPictureRef, CExtGridCellProgress, CExtGridCellScientific, CExtGridCellSlider, CExtReportGridCategoryComboBox, CExtReportGridColumn, CExtReportGridColumnChooserMiniFrameWnd, CExtReportGridColumnChooserWnd, CExtReportGridDataProvider, CExtReportGridGroupAreaWnd, CExtReportGridItem, CExtReportGridSortOrder, CExtReportGridWnd, CExtSpinWnd, CExtTabbedToolControlBarButtons, CExtTabButtonsWnd, CExtTabMdiButtonsWnd, CExtTabPageContainerButtonsWnd, CExtTreeGridCellNode, CExtTreeGridDataProvider, and CExtTreeGridWnd.
  • Completely renewed the documentation on CExtCmdIcon.
  • Added the article Constructing Menus Dynamically at Run Time.


  • Added dynamic semi-transparent shadows for pop-up menus and tooltips (Windows 2000 or later), which make any dynamic underlying contents visible
  • Expanding drop-down menus (available from the menu bar) is now working smoother.
  • Added a DisableSaveRestore() method to the CExtWS template, which allows you to disable serialization of window parameters (e.g., its size and position) previously enabled by the EnableSaveRestore method.
  • Added a __TBWS_ZERO_HEIGHT_CAPTIONS style to the CExtToolBoxWnd class. It makes group items of the toolbox and ribbon gallery having zero height.
  • Added an OnToolBoxWndItemSelEndOK() virtual method to the CExtToolBoxWnd class, which allows you to catch the item selection in the toolbox and ribbon gallery controls.
  • Localized to Armenian, Vietnamese, and Estonian. Many thanks to Thanh, Harutiun, and Juri! Now, the total number of supported languages is 38 (including English).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with appearing ghost columns in the field chooser window after some columns were unregistered in the report grid window.
  • Fixed a bug with the resizing gripper in dialogs when changing themes.
  • Fixed a bug when the CExtGroupBox::SetTextColor() method did not work.
  • Fixed an invalid background of the CExtGroupBox control when the Clip Children property was turned off.
  • Fixed a bug when the CExtBarSliderButton toolbar button was drawn incorrectly under the CExtPaintManagerNativeXP theme.
  • Fixed a bug when the CExtSliderWnd control was drawn incorrectly under the CExtPaintManagerNativeXP theme.
  • Fixed a bug when integer numbers in the CExtGridCellNumber cells were displayed incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug with the auto-filter pop-up list box when the CExtComboBox control is not owner drawn.
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