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Version 2.54 - May 24, 2006

Release Notes

Prof-UIS 2.54 is a minor release. It is available both as an installer and as a zip file with source code and documentation in the download section.

The new version is primarily packed with new features developed in response to requests from our customers and to new visual styles presented in the latest beta versions of next-generation Microsoft products.

What's New

General Look and Feel

  • Added five new paint managers that implement the popular user interface themes:
    • Microsoft Office 2007 Luna Blue (see screenshot), which corresponds to Windows XP (blue) in Microsoft Office 2007 Beta2
    • Microsoft Office 2007 Obsidian (see screenshot), which corresponds to Windows Vista (gray) in Microsoft Office 2007 Beta2
    • Microsoft Office 2007 Release 1 (see screenshot)
    • Microsoft Office 2003 without Windows XP theme colors (see screenshot)
    • Native Windows XP (see screenshot)
  • Added a CExtThemeSwitcherToolControlBar window (see screenshot) and an automatically generated pop-up menu ( see screenshot) that are used for switching between supported themes in most of the samples.
  • The default delay for showing sub pop-up menus and tooltips was changed from 1000 to 500 milliseconds.
  • Added a new skinned CExtScrollBar window (see screenshot).

Data Grid, Property Grid and Report Grid

  • Added a CExtReportGridWnd report grid window (see screenshot) that features:
    • All the rich functionality implemented in the CExtGridWnd class including support for 30+ cell types (see screenshot)
    • Outlook-like row grouping with Group By Box
    • Grouping and sorting rows by multiple columns
    • Resizing, reordering, and hiding columns
    • Field Chooser window for hiding/showing columns
    • Proportional column sizing when resizing the parent window
    • Best Fit width option for columns
    • Left, center, right, and type-based alignment for columns
    • Auto preview for text and graphics
    • UI persistence
    • Various modes of row selection
    • Row/cell focus, column and row formatting
    • A set of modes of displaying cell buttons (always, in the focused row only, in selected rows, and never)
    • Disabled sorting and grouping for particular columns
    • Read-only mode
    • Editable mode with immediate grouping and sorting according to the changes made
    • Outlook XP and Outlook 2003 report grid layouts and styles
    • Support for all themes available in Prof-UIS
  • Added a ReportGrid sample that demonstrates all the features of the report grid control. The report grid in the sample is populated with data (1764 rows and 26 columns) from the Microsoft's AdventureWorks sample database.
  • Added a Grid page to the ProfUIS_Controls sample (see screenshot). It demonstrates how to use the grid control on dialogs. The implemented grid features ten variations of using each of 28 cell types presented in this sample.
  • Increased performance of all grid controls.
  • Advanced tooltip control (the CExtPopupMenuTipWnd class) is now used in all grid controls.
  • Added a __EGCS_EX_DO_NOT_PAINT_SORT_ARROW extended grid cell style, which allows you to disable painting of the sort arrow in header cells.
  • Added a CExtTreeGridWnd::ItemExpandAll() method for expanding/collapsing all tree rows.
  • Added GetItemImages() and SetItemImages() methods to the CExtGridCellComboBox class, which allow you to get and set an image for a combo box item.
  • Added GetItemIndent() and SetItemIndent() methods to the CExtGridCellComboBox class, which allow you to get and set an indent for a combo box item.
  • Added GetAutoNumDigits() and SetAutoNumDigits() methods to the CExtGridCellNumber class. The SetAutoNumDigits method allows you to specify whether the cell displays the actual number of fractional digits in the associated number or the number of fractional digits is provided by the system locale settings.
  • Added an OnQueryNumberTextPrepareVariant virtual method to the CExtGridCellNumberBase class, which allows you to modify the VARIANT value before it is converted to the text for painting.

Control Bars

  • Added support for advanced tooltips (the CExtPopupMenuTipWnd class) in the status bar (the CExtStatusControlBar class). CExtPopupMenuTipWnd features several tooltip styles including the balloon style (see screenshot).

Resizable Dialogs

  • CExtWA and CExtWS templates are optimized to increase the speed of drawing and resizing Prof-UIS dialogs.

Common Controls

  • Added an ALIGN_DEFAULT style to the CExtGroupBox class. This style, which is applied by default, indicates that the group box caption is specified by the Horizontal alignment property of the control in the resource editor.
  • Added GetAutoSelectNext() and SetAutoSelectNext() methods to the CExtDateTimeWnd class. The SetAutoNumDigits allows you to specify if the next part of the data/time field will be automatically selected when you complete filling in the current part.
  • Improved the CExtDateTimeWnd class so it can process some input years as the standard CDateTimeCtrl control does. Now, if you type in a year in the range of 0 to 29, the 20th century is added and, if you type in a year in the range of 30 to 99, the 19th century is added.


  • Added CExtTabButtonsWnd, CExtTabButtonsMdiWnd, CExtTabPageContainerButtonsWnd, and CExtTabbedToolControlBarButtons flat tab windows (see screenshot).
  • Added CExtScrollWnd::OnSwPaintAreaBetweenScrollBarWindows() method for painting the corner formed by the horizontal and vertical scroll bar windows.
  • Prof-UIS Application Wizard now fully supports all Prof-UIS theme features including custom window borders and captions.
  • Updated most of the localizations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the CExtGridWnd class when the rectangle around the in-place editor was calculated incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect painting of the CExtCheckBox and CExtRadioButton controls when the BS_PUSHLIKE style was applied.
  • Fixed a bug when an MDI child frame window with the Close button disabled could be actually closed with the Close button for MDI tabs.
  • Fixed some performance problems with the CExtDatePickerWnd control.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect behavior of drop-down windows in the CExtGridCellComboBox and CExtGridCellDateTime cells when the F4 key was pressed.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect painting of the CExtGroupBox control under some custom Windows XP themes.
  • Fixed a bug in the CExtLabel and CExtButton classes when you could not change the weight attribute of the control's font using the SetFont() method.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect painting of the corner formed by the horizontal and vertical scroll bar windows.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect serialization of dynamic control bars in the MDI document/tabbed document mode when they were hidden.
  • Fixed a problem with incorrect painting of the control bar's border when the control bar was switched from the MDI document/tabbed document mode to the floating mode.
  • Fixed a bug when the Alt+F4 shortcut was displayed instead of Ctrl+F4 in the system menu of MDI child frame windows.
  • Fixed a bug when the dynamic control bar's menu was not displayed in the MDI document mode.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect resizing of dynamic control bars in some cases.
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