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Version 2.70 - May 17, 2007

Release Notes

Prof-UIS 2.70 is a major release. The version introduces a lot of new features, improvements and bug fixes. It also includes all new features, enhancements and sample applications added in the minor releases 2.61, 2.62, 2.63 and 2.64.

What’s New

Ribbon Bar

  • Added support for screen tips for controls in the ribbon bar (see screenshot).
  • Added a CExtRibbonNodeLabel class representing a label in the ribbon bar (see screenshot).
  • Improved ribbon key tips on Windows Vista so when the user presses ALT, they all appear at once, without delay (see screenshot).

Toolbars and Control Bars

  • Added a CExtControlBar::m_bAutoHideDeactivateOnEsc property, which allows you to auto-hide a control bar by pressing ESC, when the control bar is in the auto-hide mode.

Tab Controls and Tab Page Containers.

  • Added a CExtTabPageContainer::m_bAllowAccelBasedPageSelection property, which allows you to select tabs in tabbed page containers by using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Added a new CExtTabWnd::ItemFindByAccessChar() method, which allows you to get the item by a shortcut character.

Data Grid, Tree Grid, Property Grid and Report Grid

All Grids

  • Added a new CExtGridBaseWnd::OnGbwQueryGridLinesColor() virtual method, which allows you to change the color of gridlines.
  • Improved the CExtGridWnd::BestFitRow() and CExtGridWnd::BestFitColumn() methods so you can now measure and adjust the height of header rows and the width of header columns.

Cell Types

  • Added a CExtGridCellObjectSize class representing a grid cell that displays the size of an object (see screenshot).
  • Changed the CExtGridCellComboBox::Empty() method so it now removes all items from the list box instead of resetting the selection.
  • Imroved the CExtGridCellInplaceSlider class so it now activates the inplace editor when the user presses Enter or F2. The user can now also change the scroll position using arrow keys in conjunction with the ALT key. The following keys are supported: Left, Right, Up, Down, Page Up, Page Down, Home and End.
  • Added FontCharsetSet(), FontCharsetGet() and FontCharsetSetDefault() methods to the CExtGridCell class, which allow you to change the character set property of cells.
  • Added an eItem_t enumeration and an IsItemVisible() virtual method to the CExtGridCellDuration class. By overriding this method, you can show or hide any of fields of the duration control: days, hours, minutes and/or seconds.

Tree Grid

  • Added a CExtTreeGridWnd::ItemSortChildren() method, which allows you to sort the tree grid by sub levels.
  • Added support for the best fit feature in the tree grid. For example, when the right-side vertical separator between cells is double clicked, the column is resized to fit the longest cell content.

Common Controls

  • Added animation for buttons in the CExtDatePickerWnd, CExtDurationWnd and CExtDateTimeWnd control when an Office 2007 theme is applied.
  • Improved the look of buttons in the CExtDurationWnd and CExtDateTimeWnd controls when the NativeXP theme is applied.
  • Improved the CExtDurationWnd and CExtDateTimeWnd controls so when there is no selected item in the spin button, it becomes disabled.
  • Added NoHideSelectionGet() and NoHideSelectionSet() methods to the CExtDurationWnd class. Using NoHideSelectionSet(), you can now specify if the selected fields in the duration control should remain selected or not after the control loses focus. You can also do the same by applying a new style __EDWS_NO_HIDE_SELECTION to the control (using ModifyStyle()).
  • Added several data exchange functions for managing the transfer of data values between a control in a dialog or form view object and the corresponding data member of the dialog box or form view class:
    • __EXT_MFC_DDX_DurationWnd for CExtDurationWnd
    • __EXT_MFC_DDX_DateTimeWnd for CExtDateTimeWnd
    • __EXT_MFC_DDX_DatePickerWnd for CExtDatePickerWnd
    • __EXT_MFC_DDX_ColorButton for CExtColorButton
    • __EXT_MFC_DDX_ColorCtrl for CExtColorCtrl
    • __EXT_MFC_DDX_HotKey for CExtEditHotKey
    • __EXT_MFC_DDX_TabIndex for CExtTabWnd
    • __EXT_MFC_DDX_TabPageContainerIndex for CExtTabPageContainerWnd
    • __EXT_MFC_DDX_PageNavigatorIndex for CExtPageNavigatorWnd


  • Double-clicking the document icon at the top left of the frame now closes the document.
  • The CExtPPVW template class can be used with CView objects as it is demonstrated in the DRAWCLI sample (see screenshot).
  • Updated the documentation.
  • Localized to Macedonian (see screenshot). Many Thanks to Goran.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the scroll bar and zoom scroll bar when a click and immediate release of the left mouse button on the page scroll areas did not change the scroll position.
  • Fixed a bug when the client area in the StateInFile was painted incorrectly.
  • Fixed unwanted resizing of the MDI client area and maximized child frame window when you hovered the mouse pointer over the Minimize, Maximize or Close buttons in the main frame's caption.
  • Fixed a bug when a disabled combo box was incorrectly painted under Office 2007 themes .
  • Fixed a bug with a hidden radio button when it was checked. That caused the dialog to hang up.
  • Fixed a bug when the outer cell's text color could not be set.
  • Fixed a bug when empty outer cells were painted incorrectly under Office 2007 themes.
  • Fixed a bug when toolbar text fields were painted incorrectly under the Native XP theme.
  • Fixed a bug when toolbar combo fields and menu items were painted incorrectly under Office 2007 themes.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.
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