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Version 3.4 - December 21, 2009

Release Notes

Version 3.4 introduces a new Windows 7 visual style, a MaskedTextBox and a number of improvements.

What's New

  • Added a Windows 7 visual style (see screenshot).
  • Added support for a cue banner (banner text) in TextBox, ComboBox and DateTimePicker controls (see screenshot).
  • Added a MaskedTextBox control (see screenshot 1 and see screenshot 2).
  • Added a CollapseIndex property to the RibbonGroup to control in which order ribbon groups are collapsed when there is not enough space to accommodate all groups inside the ribbon.
  • Added MinDate and MaxDate properties to the DateTimePicker to limit the range of available date-time values.
  • Improved drawing performance for some controls including pop-ups.
  • Scrollbars now support animation.
  • TextBox, ComboBox, NumericUpDown and DateTimePicker now feature the Validating event when they are used in the ribbon.
  • Updated the documentation and sample applications to reflect the changes made to the framework.

Bug Fixes

  • TextBox remained hovered or its screentip did not get hidden after you moved away the mouse pointer.
  • Date-time picker input fields overlapped the calendar's drop-down button.
  • Visual Studio designer generated an invalid handler for PreviewXXX and ControlStateChanged events.
  • Combo-box did not close its drop-down list on Esc.
  • Editable combo-box did not change the SelectedItem property if the user typed in text that was not contained in the Items collection.
  • Informativeness did not serialize properly for PopupMenu items.
  • Ribbon caption appeared corrupted after the parent form had been previously restored from minimized state.
  • Controls like TextBox and ComboBox were drawn incorrectly in the quick access toolbar with RTL enabled and DWM on.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs and issues.
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