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Version 3.5 - February 12, 2010

Release Notes

Version 3.5 is primarily a maintenance release with some new features and enhancements.

What's New

  • Windows 7 visual theme is now supported for common controls (see screenshot).
  • FontComboBox control for selecting fonts now has the AutoComplete feature. This control is used in Elegant Ribbon sample applications.
  • ComboBox control now has the AutoSelect feature.
  • Improved the cold startup performance.
  • Gallery control now has a better appearance with the System theme.
  • Better support for using Elegant Ribbon's source code in solutions on developers' machines.
  • Added a Ribbon.MinimizedChanging event to cancel changing the ribbon into minimized state.
  • Added a Ribbon.CurrentTabPageChanging event to cancel a tab change.
  • Added a StatusBar.IntegrateWithForm property to control how the status bar is integrated with the form (see screenshot).
  • Updated the Controls sample.

Bug Fixes

  • Masked text box in the ribbon displayed PromptChar characters instead of mask characters when the PasswordChar was set to true.
  • ComboBox threw an exception when the AutoCompleteSource property was set to ListItems.
  • MDI child form painted some artifacts on the client area when maximized/restored.
  • Screentips were not shown for child controls if the parent control was assigned a screentip.
  • When used in a combobox item, a single ampersand caused the next letter to appear underlined.
  • Combo box items got duplicated if the combo box was a child of a dialog that was shown multiple times.
  • TextBox caused a GDI leak (one per instance).
  • Child controls of Elegant.Ui.TabPage changed their width abnormally in some cases.
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