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Version 3.3 - October 7, 2009

Release Notes

Version 3.3 introduces a new Office 2010 TP visual style, better support for large dpi settings, eleven new localizations and a number of other new features. All known bugs are fixed.

What's New

  • Added an Office 2010 TP visual style (see screenshot).
  • Improved support for large dpi settings (125 and 150)(see screenshot).
  • Now the TextBox supports a multiline layout.
  • Now the edit part of the combo box can display an image of the selected item (see screenshot). Added two new properties, DisplaySelectedImage and SelectedItemImageSize, that allow you to control this feature.
  • Now the NumericUpDown supports an image (see screenshot) through its new properties EditorImage and EditorImageSize.
  • Added highlighting animation to the application button. You can start or stop it using the Ribbon.ApplicationButtonAnimationEnabled property. If the animation is on, it automatically stops when the user clicks the application button.
  • Added a Control.MouseOver property to determine if the mouse is over the control or over one of its children.
  • Now the user can change a date/time in the Date/Time Picker by rolling the mouse wheel.
  • Added a TabControl.GetTabRect method that allows you to get the bounding rectangle for a specified tab.
  • Added support for Dannish, German, Finnish, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese and Swedish. You can now localize Elegant Ribbon to a new language if it is not yet supported.
  • Updated the documentation and sample applications to reflect the changes made to the framework.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when the Visual Studio designer generated an invalid handler for the SelectedTabPageChanging and SelectedTabPageChanged events.
  • Fixed a bug when a NullReferenceException was thrown if the EqualTabWidth property was on for the TabControl.
  • Fixed a bug when the tab page's Enter and Leave events did not fire properly.
  • Fixed a bug when a tab did not update itself after the tab page's image had changed.
  • Fixed a bug when changing screen tip data for the dialog launcher button in a ribbon group caused an InvalidCastException.
  • Fixed performance issues with the FontComboBox class, which is used in several sample applications.
  • Fixed a bug with the scroll bar not highlighting in some cases when the mouse was over it.
  • Fixed a bug when controls in a panel did not show if the panel was a child of a ribbon group.
  • Fixed a bug with the status bar not being updated after a status bar pane had been removed.
  • Fixed a bug with the combo box's drop-down becoming corrupted after changing a theme.
  • Fixed a bug when the mouse wheel did not work over controls when a screen tip was displayed.
  • Fixed a bug with the calendar control becoming corrupted if it was configured to show a large number of months at once.
  • Fixed a bug with the ComboBox not receiving focus on mouse click if the Editable property was set to false.
  • Fixed a bug with the TabControl not raising mouse events when the mouse pointer was over the tab section.
  • Fixed an incorrect layout of Button and ToggleButton controls in the status bar.
  • Fixed a bug when a ribbon group did not show its image in the Quick Access Toolbar at runtime if had been added at design time.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.
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