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Version 2.2 - November 15, 2007

Release Notes

Version 2.2 is a major update that includes ribbon galleries, contextual tabs, context menus, radio buttons, Microsoft Active Accessibility support and more. All the features are fully supported in the Windows Forms Designer and fully compliant with the 2007 Microsoft Office System User Interface Design Guidelines.

What's New

  • Added ribbon galleries (see screenshot) including gallery categories (see screenshot), gallery filters (see screenshot) and more.
  • Added contextual tabs (see screenshot) with seven stock tab colors (see screenshot).
  • Added context menus (see screenshot) including merging menu items with standard items in the ribbon context menu (see screenshot).
  • Added a Radio Button control (see screenshot), which can be used both in the ribbon and on the form.
  • Added support for Microsoft Active Accessibility (MSAA).
  • You can now place the ribbon inside any nested control with the form frame remaining skinned.
  • You can now place any standard Windows Forms control, an ActiveX control or a 3rd party control in the ribbon.
  • Added a QuickAccessToolbarCustomizationEnabled property to the ribbon. If you set it to false, the end-user will not be able to customize the Quick Access Toolbar.
  • Tested for compatibility with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.
  • Added a Style Composer sample that illustrates how to use galleries.
  • Added an ImageViewer sample, which allows you to load images locally or using the Google Image Search web service as well as to view and manipulate loaded images. The sample illustrates how to use galleries and contextual tabs and demonstrates some advanced techniques.
  • Updated the Ribbon UI sample. Added a lot of galleries and several contextual tabs.
  • Updated the Controls sample to illustrate the use of new controls.
  • Added the following articles:
  • Updated the documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when Ribbon.TabPages.Insert() always added a tab to the end of the collection.
  • Fixed a bug when pressing Alt key caused focus to be gone from the editing text box.
  • Resolved a performance issue with adding a lot of items into a combo box.
  • Specified form designer default events for all controls.
  • Fixed some problems with an incorrect layout of controls.
  • Fixed a problem with incorrect scrolling in the combo box's list box.
  • Fixed a bug with an incorrect layout of scroll bar elements.
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with an incorrect layout of Quick Access Toolbar elements.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.
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