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Version 2.1 - August 14, 2007

Release Notes

Version 2.1 introduces an advanced status bar, Vista Glass support, Office 2007 Silver theme and more.

What's New

  • Added a status bar similar (see screenshot) to that in Microsoft Office 2007 ribbon-based applications. You can use the following Elegant Ribbon controls in the status bar:
    • Push button
    • Toggle button
    • Button group
    • Progress bar
    • Label
  • Added Vista Glass support. Now, by default, the window's not-client area on Windows Vista has translucent, glass-like look (see screenshot). You can however turn off the glass effect by setting the Elegant.Ui.FormFrameSkinner.AllowGlass to false.
  • Added the Office 2007 Silver theme (see screenshot). So now an Elegant Ribbon application has the same set of themes as in Microsoft Office 2007.
  • Added a navigation bar control (see screenshot). You can find an example of using it on the Sample Options form that is displayed by clicking the Options button in the Ribbon Application Menu in the Elegant Ribbon UI sample.
  • Added a progress bar control, which can be used in the status bar (see screenshot).
  • You can now fill the control's background with a custom color set in BackColor and use a custom foreground color set in ForeColor instead of the default theme colors. To use these features, you should set Control.UseVisualThemeForBackground to false and Control.UseVisualThemeForForeground to false.
  • Added support for the Help button in the upper right corner of the Ribbon (see screenshot).
  • Updated the samples to illustrate the new features.
  • Updated the documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug when the following sequence of actions caused an exception: show a form, hide it and show it again.
  • Fixed a bug when AcceptButton and CancelButton did not close the parent form.
  • Fixed a bug when a maximized form overlapped the Windows taskbar in some cases.
  • Fixed several bugs related to MDI
  • Fixed a bug in the Label control when long text was wrapped incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug in the Label control when the AutoSize property could not be set.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.
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