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Version 2.0 - June 26, 2007

Release Notes

Version 2.0 introduces a number of important features, which make Elegant Ribbon fully compliant with the 2007 Microsoft Office System User Interface Design Guidelines.

What's New

  • Added the Ribbon Application Menu (see screenshot).
  • Added two informativeness levels, Large and Large with Description, for button-based controls (Button, Toggle Button and Drop-Down Button) in popup menus (see screenshot).
  • The user can now minimize the Ribbon by double-clicking the currently selected tab, choosing Minimize the Ribbon from the tab right-click menu, or typing CTRL+F1 (see screenshot).
  • When the Ribbon is minimized, clicking on any tab displays the controls on the Ribbon for that tab over the document workspace (see screenshot).
  • Added support for scrolling ribbon tabs when there is no room for all tabs (see screenshot).
  • Added support for two vertically distributed controls in a ribbon group (see screenshot).
  • The minimum width of a ribbon group is now determined by the width of its caption.
  • The Ribbon now hides automatically when the form becomes too narrow or too short (see screenshot).
  • Added a sample, Data Binding, which illustrates how to use complex data binding with Elegant Ribbon controls on the form (see screenshot).
  • Updated the Ribbon UI sample with new tab pages and controls (see screenshot).
  • Added an API reference to the documentation.
  • Updated the icons for Elegant Ribbon controls in the Visual Studio Toolbox (see screenshot).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in the toggle button when it was painted incorrectly in popup menus.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect vertical scrolling in the popup menu if the menu had been opened and closed at least once before.
  • Fixed a bug when ScreenTips were measured incorrectly.
  • Fixed a bug with a wrong z-order of the drop-down list of the combo box in some cases.
  • Fixed a bug when the FormFrameSkinner.TitleFont property could not be set in the designer.
  • Fixed a bug with serializing the Quick Access Toolbar state.
  • Fixed a bug when the user could not add a ribbon group to the Quick Access Toolbar when this ribbon group contained a label.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.
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