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Version 1.0 - January 24, 2007

Release Notes

The first release version includes a lot of new features and improvements.

What's New

  • Added a ButtonGroup control, which allows you to group the Button, ToggleButton, DropDown, and SplitButton controls.
  • Added a ScreenTip property to all the controls. The ScreenTip contains the following properties: Caption, Image, and Text.
  • Added a Command Designer dialog that allows you to add and remove commands. The designer is available from the Command property of the controls. When you add commands, it automatically generates code for the ApplicationCommands static class with the command definitions.
  • Added a RadioGroupName property to the ToggleButton.
  • You can now add a Separator to the pop-up menu. The separator supports a text label.
  • New ribbon group is now automatically created when you drop a control on a tab page.
  • Adjusted the Blue and Black themes to be consistent with those in Office 2007 RTM.
  • Added the following feature articles: Getting Started with Elegant Ribbon, Adjusting Adaptive Layout and Using Commands.
  • Added licensing support.
  • The redistributable files are now limited to Elegant.Ui.Common.dll and Elegant.Ui.Ribbon.dll.
  • Changed the mechanism of adding Elegant Ribbon components to the Toolbox in Visual Studio.
  • Added a VB.NET version of the Elegant Ribbon UI sample.
  • Added a Commands sample that demonstrates how to add and remove commands at run time.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bugs with hovering over menu items.
  • Fixed a bug when info levels were incorrectly serialized at design time in VB.NET projects.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.
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