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Elegant UI BETA - December 8, 2006

Release Notes

The first beta release includes new controls, keyboard navigation support and many improvements and small fixes. You are welcome to try it out and use it for free during beta testing. Any feedback, bug report or suggestion will be much appreciated.

What's New

  • Added support for keyboard navigation.
  • Added cascading pop-up menus with Visual Studio Designer support. Now you can use button, toggle button and drop-down controls in pop-up menus. The menu is multi-monitor friendly so when it crosses a multi-screen boundary, it is correctly adjusted.
  • Decorated the text box control to make it consistent with the Ribbon UI.
  • Added a split button control.
  • Enhanced the algorithm for changing the layout of controls to be consistent with the final release of Microsoft Office 2007.
  • Added support for large DPI settings.
  • Considerably increased the speed of redrawing windows when the user changes the current theme or type of frame.
  • Modified the Elegant Ribbon UI sample to reflect the changes.