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Version 1.1 - March 2, 2007

Release Notes

Version 1.1 introduces a number of new controls including a combo box, an up-down control, a label, a panel and scroll bars. The combo box, up-down control and text box can now be used both in the ribbon and on the form. All the bugs reported by our customers were fixed.

What's New

  • Added a combo box control (ComboBox).
  • Added a up-down control (NumericUpDown).
  • ComboBox, NumericUpDown and TextBox are context-sensitive, which means they can be used both in the ribbon and on the form.
  • Added a label control (Label).
  • Added a panel control (Panel), which features a theme consistent background when put on the form.
  • Added scroll bar controls (HorizontalScrollBar and VerticalScrollBar).
  • Controls in pop-up menus and ribbon groups can now be reordered by drag-and-drop at design time.
  • Added an Informativenes.FixedLevel property, which allows you to make a control's appearance independent of the width of the application window.
  • Added a Scribble sample that demonstrates how to use the combo box, up-down and push button in the ribbon. The sample also features an owner-drawn combo box.
  • Added a number of FAQ articles.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug with the non-client area when the window height increased each time the user restored the minimized window.
  • Fixed a bug with a wrong number of items in the collection of pop-up menus at design time.
  • Fixed a bug when the developer could not drag-and-drop the drop-down control in the ribbon.
  • Fixed a number of bugs with a wrong layout of UI elements at large DPI values.
  • Fixed a bug with screen tips on Windows Vista.
  • Fixed a bug when the frame border with Blue and Black themes applied was incorrectly drawn on Windows Vista.
  • Fixed some other minor bugs.
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