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Version 3.8 beta 2 - December 2, 2010

Release Notes

Version 3.8 beta 2 is the second public beta release of Elegant Ribbon 3.8. You can see the list of changes made in the first beta here.

What's New

  • BackstageView now supports three Office 2010 themes: Blue, Black and Silver. In the previous version only the Office 2010 TP theme was supported.
  • Added a SplitContainer control.
  • Added a NotifyIcon control (see screenshot 1 and screenshot 2).
  • Improved startup and layout performance of the framework.
  • Added a GroupBox control (see screenshot).
  • You can now assign custom text to the buttons of the MessageBox (Button1Text, Button2Text and Button3Text).
  • Improved scrolling performance of the ComboBox's Drop Down list.
  • ScreenTip.Text property now supports multiline text.
  • Enhanced usability in the Windows Forms Designer through new smart tags (see screenshot).
  • Improved layout performance when rolling the mouse wheel over the ribbon tab line.

Bug Fixes

  • When opening the BackstageView, controls with the same commands as those in the Quick Access toolbar became disabled.
  • Layout problems when using large fonts in the status bar.
  • Context Menu designer did not show up in cases when there were no other controls on the form.