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Version 2.94 Beta - May 15, 2013

Release 2.94 adds complete Visual Studio 2012/ Windows 8 capabilities. Plus more…

Release Notes

Prof-UIS C++/MFC Library announces the release of Version 2.94Beta.

Prof-UIS C++/MFC revision 2.94 Beta is downloadable from the Prof-UIS site at Prof-UIS Download

Release 2.94 is due out before the end of May.

Improvements in 2.94

  • Windows 8 Compatible.
  • Visual Studio 2012 Compatible.
  • Tested with Visual Studio 2012 Code Analysis to W4 standard.
  • Overall program size has been reduced by implementing the various functions and resource defines. See the Size Control Introductions .pdf for a set of instructions.
  • Improved translation terms of Library text.
  • Improved Library Generation Projects. Allows building of system (Library or DLL) in a single pass. We usually build a debug and a release system that suites our needs.
  • Help moved to Desktop and to Google lookup.
  • Many Small Improvements.
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