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Version 2.82 - January 3, 2008

Release Notes

Version 2.82 is a minor release with a number of new features, enhancements and bug fixes.

What's New

General Look and Feel

  • Added a CExtPaintManagerStudio2008 class that provides the look and feel of Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 (see screenshot1 and screenshot2).
  • Added Visual Studio 2008 docking markers including translucent docking markers for Windows Vista (see screenshot) and stylish docking markers for Windows XP (see screenshot).
  • Improved the color schemes in Office 2007 paint managers to make the colors the same as in Microsoft Office 2007 (see screenshot).

Pop-Up Menu

  • Added support for disabled items in the CExtPopupListBoxMenuWnd class, which allows you to disable menu items in menus invoked from toolbar buttons and menu items (see screenshot1 and screenshot2). Disabled items are grayed out and cannot be selected by the user. You can enable and disable items using CExtPopupInplaceListBox::LbItemIsEnabled() and CExtPopupInplaceListBox::LbItemEnable().
  • Added support for custom text and background colors of menu items in the CExtPopupListBoxMenuWnd class (see screenshot1 and screenshot2). Added the following methods to the CExtPopupInplaceListBox class:
    • LbItemBackColorSet()
    • LbItemBackColorGet()
    • LbItemTextColorSet()
    • LbItemTextColorGet()
  • Added a TPMX_HIDE_KEYBOARD_ACCELERATORS flag that allows you to hide shortcut keys in a pop-up menu. You should specify it in the dwTrackFlags parameter when invoking CExtPopupMenuWnd::TrackPopupMenu(). You can see how it works by invoking the context menu over a drawn object in the DRAWCLI sample: menu items have no shortcut keys (see screenshot).
  • Added a bSearchDisplayedOnly parameter to the CExtPopupMenuWnd::ItemFindByAccessChar() method, which allows you to get both visible and hidden (rarely-used) menu items.
  • Added a CExtPopupMenuWnd::g_nAutoExpandTime static property that specifies the time, in milliseconds, after a collapsed pop-up menu becomes expanded.
  • Improved the way sub menus appear and hide. Added g_nTimeDelayedDisplaying and g_nTimeDelayedHiding static properties to the CExtPopupMenuWnd class which specify a delay, in milliseconds, after which a submenu appears and hides when the focus is set on and removed from its parent item.

Toolbars and Control Bars

  • Added a CExtControlBar::g_bUseMouseClickOnlyInAutoHideTabs property that allows you to disable activation of auto-hide tabs on mouse hover.
  • Added support for a context pop-up menu over text fields and combo fields in toolbars (see screenshot). The user can invoke the menu either when the edit is active or inactive using the right mouse button or the Shift+F10 key combination.


  • Added a CExtGridCellHeaderFilter class that implements a header cell with a filtering drop-down menu (see screenshot), which allows you to sort and filter CExtGridWnd, CExtTreeGridWnd and CExtReportGridWnd grids.
  • Added a Filtered Grids sample that illustrates how to use filtering capabilites of the new CExtGridCellHeaderFilter class in a data grid (CExtGridWnd), a tree grid (CExtTreeGridWnd) and a report grid (CExtReportGridWnd).
  • Added support for custom text and background colors of list box items in a CExtGridCellComboBox grid cell (see screenshot). Added the following methods to the CExtGridCellComboBox class:
    • SetItemBackColor()
    • GetItemBackColor()
    • SetItemTextColor()
    • GetItemTextColor()
  • Added support for disabled list box items in a CExtGridCellComboBox grid cell (see screenshot). Any disabled item is grayed out and cannot be selected by the user. You can use the IsItemEnabled() and EnableItem() methods of the CExtGridCellComboBox class to control if combo box items are enabled or disbled.
  • The report grid (CExtReportGridWnd) now supports item-by-item horizontal scrolling (the __ESIS_STH_ITEM style).
  • Added support for cells in the four corners of a CExtGridWnd grid (or derived from it).
  • Changed the text color of the Tip Bar in the CExtReportGridWnd for the Office 2007 Black theme to make the text more readable (see screenshot).
  • Added a CExtNSB template class that allows you to add theme consistent scrollbars to any scrollable windows based on the CExtSrcollWnd class like CExtGridWnd and CExtTreeGridWnd.

Tab Controls and Tab Page Containers

  • Added ShowTabStrip() and IsTabStripVisible() methods to the CExtTabPageContainerWnd class. The methods allow you to show and hide the tab strip independently of how many tabs you have and determine if the tab strip is visible. Also added a CExtTabPageContainerWnd::OnTabWndSyncVisibility() virtual method which is invoked to control the tab strip visibility.

Common Controls

  • Added GetDropDownCalendarStyles(), ModifyDropDownCalendarStyle() and OnDropDownCalendarQueryStyle() methods to the CExtDateTimeWnd class, which allow you to retrieve and change the style of the drop-down calendar (the CExtDatePickerWnd control) in date time controls.


  • Modified the RibbonBar sample to illustrate how to use color picker buttons in the ribbon (see screenshot).
  • Updated the documentation.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in CExtComboBoxBase when the user could select disabled items with the mouse or arrow keys in the autofilter pop-up list box.
  • Fixed a bug when a click ouside a filter pop-up list box caused the application to crash.
  • Fixed a bug with not sending CBN_SELCHANGE and CBN_SELENDOK notifications when changing the combo box selection with the keyboard.
  • Fixed an incorrect color of the background color of a disabled owner-drawn combo box.
  • Fixed a bug with an unwanted black background in CExtGridCellComboBox and CExtGridCellCheckListComboBox when scrolling items.
  • Fixed a bug when the focus rectangle around a selected combo box item was not drawn under some Windows themes.
  • Fixed a bug when multiline text was not correctly displayed in a CExtLabel.
  • Fixed a bug when CExtLabel did not wrap long text.
  • Fixed a bug in CExtDateTimeWnd and CExtDurationWnd controls when a spin button had a wrong width under Windows Vista
  • Fixed a bug in CExtCheckBox. When a check box had the Push Like style, the text was not centered if the default alignment was set with the resource editor.
  • Fixed wrong colors in some controls under the High Contrast theme.
  • Fixed a bug when the dialog default button did not work when pressing ENTER on a CExtButton button.
  • Fixed a bug in the CExtTabMdiWnd class when the MDI tabs strip was not shown in the applications compiled with Visual Studio 2008
  • Fixed incorrect colors in the CExtPaintManagerStudio2005 paint manager under the Luna Olive Green theme.
  • Fixed a bug in the grid cell classes derived from CExtGridCellVariant (e.g. CExtGridCellUpDown) when a numeric value was incorrectly incremented as the user edited it using the up and down arrow keys.
  • The resizing gripper is now correctly created in RTL dialogs and correctly calculates its size when the current theme changes.
  • Fixed a bug when the Close button on a tab did not work with dynamic control bars and tab page containers in SDI applications.
  • Fixed a bug in CExtReportGridWnd that caused that text in tree group rows was incorrectly rendered when horizontal scrolling was enabled.
  • Fixed an incorrect left margin in the preview area of the ReportGrid sample.
  • Fixed a bug in the ribbon that produced an incorrect background of the ribbon Quick Access Toolbar with DWM turned on on Windows Vista.
  • Now you can add commands available in the ribbon's File menu to the Quick Access Toolbar through the Quick Access Toolbar dialog.
  • Fixed a bug in the ribbon that produced a doubled caption after switching from the Office XP theme to the Office 2007 theme.
  • Fixed a bug with incorrect non-English characters when ProfSkin was used.
  • Fixed a bug in CExtGridWnd when the grid content was not painted correctly during item-by-item horizontal scrolling.
  • Fixed a bug in CExtGridCellIPAddress when the user could not edit all IP address octets if the cell has a rather small width.
  • Fixed a bug in CExtWS when the resizing gripper in a CExtWS-based window was not correctly drawn if the right-to-left mode was on.
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