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Guido Jaeger Feb 15, 2011 - 3:07 AM

I use SubclassChildControls for a Dialog incl. Buttons, Scrollbars, Edits and SpinEdits

Part of the Code:


class CTestdialog: public CExtResizableDialog //CDialog


CTestdialog::CTestdialog(CBaseEvent* pEvent,CTestdialog* pAni,CString strName,CRealTimeView* pView)

             : CExtResizableDialog  (CTestdialog::IDD,NULL)


BOOL CTestdialog::OnInitDialog()






The Dialogs Background , the Grouboxes and the Buttons change to the new Look.

But the Scrollbars , Edits and SpinControls stay at the old Look.

I send an E-Mail with a Screenshot to

Hope to get Answer...



Technical Support Feb 15, 2011 - 9:42 AM

Please check the following:

1) Edit controls are subclassed with CExtEdit objects.

2) Spin controls are subclassed with CExtSpinWnd objects.

3) Scroll bars are subclassed with CExtScrollBar objects.

4) Group boxes are subclassed with CExtGroupBox objects.

5) The Z order of group boxes is larger than Z orders of controls inside it. The Ctrl+D command displays Z orders in Visual Studio’s dialog editor.

6) The dialog template resource has both Clip Siblings and Clip Children options set on.