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Jeremy Richards Sep 19, 2008 - 8:28 AM

In my application, users occasionally need to enter characters that are not on a standard keyboard.  For instance if they wish to enter the Yen symbol, they hold down Alt and type 157 on the number keypad (not the top row of keys) and release alt.  This will produce the Yen sign ¥ (I just used that technique here to generate a Yen symbol).

This works in any Windows app, except Prof-UIS based ones.  When I recently added Prof-UIS support to my application, users are no longer able to generate special symbols using Alt+Keypad anymore.  To make sure that this wasn’t just something I am doing wrong, I downloaded 2.83 and built Prof-Studio using Visual Studio 2008.  Sure enough, in any of the edit windows in the Prof-Studio sample, I cannot enter special symbols via Alt+keypad.  Instead most special symbols generate question marks (?) instead in an ANSI build.  In a Unicode build, most generate an unprintable character.

By contrast, if I open Notepad, or simply create a basic MFC dialog app (no Prof-UIS support) with an edit box, Alt+keypad entry works.

We are looking to ship soon and could really use a comment on this.  I posted this problem a couple of months ago, but never received a reply.  It would really be appreciated if you could offer some sort of comment on this issue.  Please feel free to ask questions if anything is unclear.

Technical Support Sep 19, 2008 - 11:43 AM

This issue is already fixed in v. 2.84 beta. Please send us e-mail to the support mail box so we will provide you with a download link.