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Wang Hui Qing Aug 4, 2008 - 4:20 AM

Dear Tech Support,

In MS One Note 2007, a tab window (section as called in One Note) can be freely moved to any notebook. We want to implement similar feature for our MDI document/view application. Prof-UIS provides two types of tab management: CExtTabMdiWnd based and CExtTabPageContainerWnd based control.

1. if use CExtTabMdiWnd, how to control the tabs to be shown in tab window? I tried CExtTabMdiWnd::ItemRemove(). The tab as specified will disappear at first, however, as window is repaint, the removed tab gets shown in tab window again. I guess it’s because the CExtTabMdiWnd control as defined in CMainFrame by default will tab group all child view windows. Any way to overload it?

2. if use CExtTabPageContainerWnd, I still cannot figure out how to do it appropriately in our existing MDI application, i.e. where to declare the CExtTabPageContainerWnd control (or should inherit CMainFrame from it?), how to invoke PageInsert(..)/PageRemove(..) for Cview-based windows etc.

Which one do you recommend as more efficient for our existing MDI document/view application?


Hui Qing