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Alexey Spichak Apr 15, 2009 - 10:57 AM


Auto-hiding control bars (of the type CExtDynamicControlBar) don’t work the way I expect them. When using with CExtControlBar::g_bCloseOnlyOneBarInTabGroup = true; the whole tabbed group is closed when the cross button is pressed. But I want the only one window (the active one) to be closed. (When the tabbed group is not in the __EDBS_AUTO_HIDDEN state everything works fine).

Technical Support Apr 16, 2009 - 1:52 PM

A tabbed group of control bars requires all the bars to be in the same state: docked or auto-hidden. We cannot avoid this requirement because if we allow some bars to be docked and visible when some other bars in the same group will be auto hidden, the user may start drag-n-dropping the docked visible bars. What should we do with the auto hidden bars in the same tabbed group of bars in this case?

Alexey Spichak Apr 20, 2009 - 5:00 AM

Does it mean that if the auto-hidden bar is closed (with the cross button) the bar changes its state to docked?

I just want the auto-hidden bars to behave like the docked bars do. Now I’m working with Prof-UIS in this way: when the user hides the bar with the cross button my child window (that is in that bar) is destroyed. And when the user wants to see that window a new child window is created and placed in the hidden bar, after that the bar is shown.

But when using in auto-hidden mode bars could be shown without a user wish. For example, I have two windows in a tabbed group. I close both windows in that group and then I show the 1st window. The tabbed group is now shown with the only one (the first one) window (and with the only one tab) and that is correct. After that I push the pin button and the group goes into the auto-hidden state. And I see both tabs: the tab for the 1st window and the tab for the 2nd. But the second child window is not still created so I see the empty bar.

Could you please propose any solution for this?

Alexey Spichak Apr 20, 2009 - 8:16 AM

Solved by overriding CExtDynamicTabbedControlBar::NcButtons_HandleClick - I create all the destroyed windows there when the tab is switched to the auto-hidden mode.

I want to say thank you guys for a good quality product and quick support. A move to your UI system is almost completed without any serious problems or prolonged debugging. Good work!