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Rado Manzela Dec 21, 2010 - 8:06 AM

I’ve tried to switch from 2.87 to 2.91 and there is bug in CExtPropValDate in property grid. It displays correct date (for example 1/1/2006) when I initially set it, but when I click at month to edit it, it displays date like 1JanJanuary/1/2006 (the "Jan" is selected and I can use up/down arrow to change it and it changes it to 2FebFebruary/1/2006). I guess it is wrong formatter for focused date.

I also want to remove Ofice 2010 themes to keep it at lower size. I’ve commented out //#include "Res2010office\\Res2010office.rc"
in the resource.rc. In static release mode it works, but in debug dll, it throws error at     g_PaintManager->LoadWinXpTreeBox(m_iconTreeBoxExpanded,true);
What else do I need to do to make it working? How can I remove that themes also from theme switcher?
Thank you.

Technical Support Dec 21, 2010 - 11:24 PM

We fixed the date time displaying issue. Please drop us an e-mail to the support mail box so we will provide you with the source code update.
The CExtPaintManager::LoadWinXpTreeBox()method does not work with resources. Please provide us with some more details about any problems related to this method.

The theme switcher control was created for UI theme demonstration reasons. I.e. it was created for Prof-UIS sample apps. It does allow you to to remove an Office 2010 theme. But it’s based on the CExtToolControlBar control which supports toolbar button removing (CExtToolControlBar::RemoveButton()). You can use the CExtToolControlBar::CommandToIndex() to convert a theme switching button identifier to a toolbar button index. Theme button identifiers can be found in the ResPM.h file:

#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_Office2000              29750
#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_OfficeXP                29751
#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_Office2003              29752
#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_Office2003NoThemes      29753
#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_Studio2005              29754
#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_Studio2008              29755
#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_NativeXP                29756
#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_Office2007_R1           29757
#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_Office2007_R2_LunaBlue  29758
#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_Office2007_R2_Obsidian  29759
#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_Office2007_R2_Silver    29760
#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_Office2007_R3_LunaBlue  29761
#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_Office2007_R3_Obsidian  29762
#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_Office2007_R3_Silver    29763
#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_Office2010_R1           29764
#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_Office2010_R2_Blue      29765
#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_Office2010_R2_Silver    29766
#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_Office2010_R2_Black     29767
#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_Studio2010              29768
#define ID_EXT_PM_THEME_ProfSkinPainter         29769