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Kevin Murray Mar 10, 2008 - 5:13 PM

1) I am using the paid Prof-UIS library, as are several others at my site. We bought an unlimited license, but our I.S. departmented handled the purchasing -- how do I get on the tech support forum?

2) I am using the "inner bars", putting toolbars on my apps MDI windows. I want these toolbars to be customizable, so my MDI windows inherit from CExtCustomizeSite as needed. However, there is no menu associated with this window. After creating my toolbars, enabling docking, I call g_CmdManager->UpdateFromToolbar(...) with my profile name and all toolbars on the MDI child. I then EnableCustomization(...), CategoryMakeAllCmdsUnique(), CategoryAppendAllCommands(), and UpdateAllCommandItems(). While the customize dialog shows the toolbar buttons under "All Commands", the popup menu from the chevron shows the checkboxes, button icons, and blank space. I managed to get text to show up in this popup menu by doing the following:

g_CmdManager->UpdateFromToolBar( ... );

    CExtCmdProfile* pProfile = g_CmdManager->ProfileGetPtr( cstrProfileName );
    if( pProfile != NULL )
        POSITION p = pProfile->m_cmds.GetStartPosition();
        while( p != NULL )
            UINT ui = 0;
            CExtCmdItem* pItem = NULL;
            pProfile->m_cmds.GetNextAssoc( p, ui, pItem );
            if( pItem != NULL )
                pItem->m_sMenuText = pItem->m_sTipTool;

EnableCustomization( this, __ECSF_DEFAULT );

I really don’t think I should have to loop through the commands and set the menu text in this manner, but it doesn’t appear to be getting set automatically, since no menu is associated with these toolbar items. Is there any other way to make this happen automatically?



Technical Support Mar 17, 2008 - 11:11 AM

Please ask your manager send us a request (to with a list of usernames. We will then update these accounts so you can post your questions to the priority support forum.

Prof-UIS supports toolbar and menu customization in scope of one frame window only. You can use customizable toolbars and menus inside an MDI child frame, but they will be based on their own customize site which is not intersected with customizable features of the main frame window. The customize dialog contains Toolbars page with the list of all customizable toolbars. All the toolbars must have their unique dialog control identifiers. It’s possible to make some toolbar outside the main frame window customizable and see it in the customize dialog of the main frame window, but in the case of several instances MDI child windows with toolbars we will face several toolbars with the same dialog control identifiers. This is not acceptable for the customization subsystem.