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SANKET DAS Jan 22, 2007 - 7:16 AM

Please let me know the following set of question related to Unicode....

1. Additional program entry point wWinMainCRTStartup in the project settings. Does ProfUIS support this?

2. Additional include header <tchar.h>. Are you supporting inclusion of tchar.h?

3. The source/header files will have #define _UNICODE. Is this supported?

4. Instead of char data-type TCHAR or _TCHAR will be used. Please confirm about the ProfUIS support here.

5. Instead of char * (Character Pointer) we are likely to use TCHAR* or _TCHAR*. Please ensure about the possible support for these data-types.

6. In case TCHAR & _TCHAR both are supported by ProfUIS please put your recommendation here.

7. All the literal strings (eg: "Hello World") would be redefined using the _T() macro (eg: _T("Hello World")). Please clarify if this macro is supported.

8. In windows.h (available on Windows Platform) there are certain typedefs like LPTSTR & LPCTSTR. Does ProfUIS understands these data-types? In case ProfUIS has support for these, will it be OK to include <windows.h> in our source?

9. Do you support UNICODE compliant string functions like _tcscpy,_tcscat,_tcslen etc.?


1. Is there a separate installable of profUIS which supports Unicode or can we manage with the current installation of 2.54 ?
In the current environment we have, do we need to enable any special flags for compile-time/run-time support of Unicode?

2. Are there any additional ProfUIS libraries that need to be installed for Unicode Build ?

3. Do you foresee any licensing issues? Which means, do we have to procure additional license or can we use the existing licenses to support Unicode at compile/run time ?

Technical Support Jan 22, 2007 - 12:31 PM


1 .. 9 - Yes.


1 .. 3 - No.

Prof-UIS supports Unicode in its solid package. No separate Unicode support update is required. All the sample applications have Unicode configurations.