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Forums » Prof-UIS General Discussion » The CExtControlBar freezing when click the "X" button to close/hide the floating control bar Collapse All
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GT Michael Aug 9, 2009 - 4:11 AM

Hi all.


I have a CExtContolbar that is floating in the application. Now if I click on the "X" button to close/hide the control bar, the application will not respond any more, the control bar also keep floating, not hidden. Then if click on the application item in the task bar with the right mousebutton, the application will respond again and the control bar will dissappear.

The other similar case is to start the WinVNC.exe on the test machine, then start the application on the test machine and open the control bar, then connect via a remote appnection(vncviewer) to this test machine and try to close the control bar by clicking on the "X" button, then the application will always freeze, after changing to another running task and back to our application, the controlbar is not closed but the application is responding again.

Does anyone encounter these two problems? What is the reason? How to solve this problem? Waiting for your advise.

(Here the application is the software we develop)


Best regards

Technical Support Aug 11, 2009 - 12:32 PM

We are still unable to reproduce this issue with VNC, but we reproduced it with HardCopy. We have a preliminary fix for this issue. It works, but we need some additional time for testing it. This fix is very simple. Please open the ...\Prof-UIS\Src\ExtMiniDockFrameWnd.cpp file and replace all SendMessage( WM_NCPAINT ); lines of code with PostMessage( WM_NCPAINT );.

GT Michael Aug 11, 2009 - 10:36 AM

This problem also coocur with Prof-UIS samples which include controlbar. And we found out the reason is that, when we use VNC to connect a test computer, then if we click on the title of floating controlbar in the test computer, the application VNC will send the endless message which will be received by Prof-UIS, Only when we switch to other application or close the VNC, then the profuis will received the message LBUTTONDOWN and handle it. It seems that VNC has a hook which will get the mouse message and do not send the message out, that is why the prof-uis could not received the LBUTTONDOWN message and it reveived the endless message which is sent by VNC.

And this problem may also happen without VNC, if we start some application which has hook, then the floating CExtControlBar may also not be moved. Such as the software HardCopy.exe, if we open this software , then the floating CExtControlBar could not be moved.


Prof-uis version:  270

Application        :   32 bit

System              : Windows XP

Visual Studio   : 2003

Technical Support Aug 10, 2009 - 7:40 AM

We downloaded and installed VNC 4.1.3. We tested the control bars from the MDI sample application and found no problem. Would you tell us more about the problem?

- Does the problem occur with Prof-UIS samples running on your test computer?

- Which Windows versions were used on VNC client and server computers? Whether they 32 or 64 bit?

- Whether your application 32 or 64 bit?

- Which Visual Studio version was used for compiling your app and Prof-UIS? Which Prof-UIS configuration uses your app? Whether the release or debug version of your app was used in your remote tests?