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Philippe Germanier Jan 9, 2008 - 7:24 AM


I created a Property grid who I insert a CExtGridCellComboBox into them. After that i can isert sting into this CExtGridCellComboBox object, i’ts works fine. The source look like :

    if ( m_pPropertyComMaitreOeuvre == NULL ) return false;
    CExtGridCellComboBox * pComboBox = (CExtGridCellComboBox *)m_pPropertyComMaitreOeuvre->ValueActiveGet() ;
    if ( pComboBox == NULL ) return false;

    while (! recPSoc.IsEOF())
        pComboBox->AddString(recPSoc.m_RAISON_SOCIALE, recPSoc.m_P_NO_SOCIETE) ;

        if (! recPSoc.HlpMoveNext())
            recPSoc.HlpClose() ;
            return false ;

Now, my issue is that i try to sort the ComboBox items. I didn’t find any think in the documentation about that. It’s possible to sort this items with a property to set to the CExtGridCellComboBox object ?


Technical Support Jan 9, 2008 - 9:51 AM

This feature is not supported at the moment. We will implement it as soon as possible and notify you when it is ready. Right now you can only insert items to the combo box cell which are preliminary sorted.