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Jayakumar Narayanan Mar 13, 2010 - 5:00 AM

Please help me for the following issue in my project.

Situation occurs when using the sort functions from the dropdown menu when right-clicking on a column heading in the report grid there will be a popup display .  Select Ascending / Decending sort, each time a sort is done on a new column this way, it displays the ’sort triangle’  icon in that column heading but does not remove it from the previous one(s) ane more than one column shows the sort triangle.  But sorting is happening properly.

Thanks in advance.

Jayakumar Narayanan




Technical Support Mar 15, 2010 - 5:28 AM

The sort commands from the context menu over the report grid’s column head hearer perform addition of a column to the sorting rules. These commands do not reset sorting rules for sorting by one column only. That’s why additional triangle icons appear in the header column cells. I.e. context menu’s sorting commands are equal to the clicks on the header cells with the Shift key pressed. We re-checked this using the ReportGrid sample application. We invoked the Report Grid | Auto Preview Mode menu command to hide in-row preview information. Then invoked the Report Grid | Behavior | Enable Cell Editing menu command to enable cell editing. Then we sorted the report grid by the Model Name column and added second sorted column called Standard Cost. Now the top rows contain the All-Purpose Bike Stand text in the Model Name column and the $59.47 text in the Standard Cost column. We changed the $59.47 value in several grid cells and re-sorted the report grid via context menu over the Standard Cost column. We saw the rows with the All-Purpose Bike Stand text in the Model Name column were kept near each other and only resorted by the Standard Cost column.