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Dirk lindner Nov 9, 2009 - 5:03 AM

is it possible to disable the Show or Hide Panels Button in a undocked Toolbar ?

I use the OnExtMenuPrepare function to translate the menu but it dont work for this menu.

Greats Dirk Lindner

Technical Support Nov 9, 2009 - 11:17 AM

You should handle the CExtControlBar::g_nMsgConstructPopupMenu registered message in your main frame class. This message allows you to rebuild or reconstruct any built-in Prof-UIS menus. For example, the ProfStudio sample application completely recreates all the built-in Prof-UIS menus. The CExtControlBar::g_nMsgConstructPopupMenu message uses pointer to the CExtControlBar::POPUP_MENU_EVENT_DATA data structure as WPARAM parameter. This message is sent twice. First time, the CExtControlBar::POPUP_MENU_EVENT_DATA::m_bPostNotification flag is set to false and you can construct popup menu from scratch. Second time, this flag is set to true and you can modify constructed by default menu. The CExtControlBar::POPUP_MENU_EVENT_DATA::m_nHelperNotificationType property specifies the type of menu. The following enumeration is defined inside the CExtControlBar::POPUP_MENU_EVENT_DATA class and specifies supported menu types:

               enum // Prof-UIS notification types
                                    __PMED_DOCKBAR_CTX                                                                     =  0, // dockbar context menu
                                    __PMED_CONTROLBAR_CTX                                                   =  1, // any control bar context menu (client area)
                                    __PMED_CONTROLBAR_NC_CTX                                             =  2, // any control bar context menu (non-client area)
                                    __PMED_STATUSBAR_CTX                                                      =  3, // statusbar context menu
                                    __PMED_AUTOHIDESLIDER_CTX                                             =  4, // autohide slider window context menu
                                    __PMED_MINIFRAME_NC_CTX                                                 =  5, // miniframe context menu (non-client area)
                                    __PMED_MDICLIAREA_CTX                                                     =  6, // MDI client area context menu
                                    __PMED_MDITABS_CTX                                                                       =  7, // MDI-tabs window
                                    __PMED_AUTOHIDETABS_CTX                                                            =  8, // autohide-tabs window
                                    __PMED_DYNCBCTABS_CTX                                                   =  9, // dynamic control bar container tabs window
                                    __PMED_CONTROLBAR_NCBTNMENU_TOP                             = 10, // control bar nc-area-menu-button - top level
                                    __PMED_CONTROLBAR_NCBTNMENU_BARS              = 11, // control bar nc-area-menu-button - control bars list 
                                    __PMED_CTXEXPBTN_TOP                                                      = 12, // content expand button - top level
                                    __PMED_CTXEXPBTN_APPEND                                                          = 13, // content expand button - append to buttons list
                                    __PMED_CTXEXPBTN_BARS                                                   = 14, // content expand button - control bars list
                                    __PMED_CONTROLBAR_NCBTNMENU_DYNSTATE      = 15, // dynamic resizable control bar nc-area-menu-button
                                    __PMED_TAB_PAGE_CONTAINER_TABS_CTX             = 16, // page-container-as-main-view-tabs window

The Show or Hide Panels menu is constructed by the CExtControlBar::POPUP_MENU_EVENT_DATA::__PMED_CONTROLBAR_NCBTNMENU_TOP and CExtControlBar::POPUP_MENU_EVENT_DATA::__PMED_CTXEXPBTN_APPEND menus. First is menu button of floating toolbar. Second is chevron button. You can handle post-notifications of these menus and remove menu sub levels in them. The CExtControlBar::POPUP_MENU_EVENT_DATA::m_pPopupMenuWnd property specifies pointer to the popup sub menu you want to remove.

Finally, we would like to ask you why do you want to remove this built-in menu? We think it’s useful and don’t see any reasons to remove it.