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L Freddi Jul 28, 2009 - 5:22 AM

Hello support.


I’ using many CExtControlbar and need to update UI while resizing the controlbar.

How to check the event while resizing the CExtControlbar.


One more.

CExtContolbar can be dock/undock/drag&drop in the application.

Sometimes CExtControlbar moving is not smooth when i drag the Controlbar.


Technical Support Jul 28, 2009 - 8:43 AM

You can use a CExtControlBar-derived class which implements the following virtual method:

 virtual void OnControlBarPositionChange(
            CExtControlBar * pBarEventSrc,
            e_control_bar_position_changing_t eCBPC,
            bool bInitial,
            bool bFinal
This method is invoked when the control bar is resized and redocked. The eCBPC parameter defines how the position of the control bar changes. The e_control_bar_position_changing_t enumeration is defined in scope of the CExtControlBar class:
 enum e_control_bar_position_changing_t
            __ECBPC_EMPTY                             = 0,
            __ECBPC_REDOCKING                         = 1,
            __ECBPC_ROW_RESIZING                      = 2,
            __ECBPC_IN_ROW_RESIZING                   = 3,
            __ECBPC_FLOATING_FRAME_RESIZING           = 4,
            __ECBPC_MUTUAL_DEPENDENCY                 = 5,