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Luis Alberto Pereira Jan 3, 2010 - 7:06 PM

I created a new post because I could not reply the reply post for technical support.

This post is continuationa of this:,

Dear technical support, I did not understand your orientation. What exactly I need to do in my code do solve the problem with VS2008.

Follow you post:


Please take at the end of the code snippet from your .cpp file. The following line is the most interesting:

RepositionBars( 0, 0xFFFF, nID );

The nID variable is the identifier of the window which should occupy the central space which is free of control bars occupying their paces near borders. If the nID variable is set to IDC_STATIC value, then the RepositionBars( 0, 0xFFFF, nID ); code will work well compiled with Visual Studio 2005 or earlier. It will position the central window correctly. But it will not work in Visual Studio 2008 or later. This is specific improvement introduced in Visual Studio 2008. That’s why Prof-UIS uses its own __EXT_MFC_IDC_STATIC value instead of MFC’s IDC_STATIC value.