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Trupti Kasvala Feb 12, 2009 - 9:22 PM

Hello sir,


1.Regarding look of customize dialog.You have already implemented in sample application.Please send us way to convert it like prof-UIS sample customize dialog.I am using propertysheet at so many places in my application .All the dialogs and MDI application are skinned only propertysheet is simple.

I want to use tabbed propertysheet only.

2.I want to set color in rectangle inside CExtGroupbox with CDC::FillRect().or in other way I am not able to SetPixel inside groupbox.

3.In CExtSliderWnd Default method OnCustomDraw isn’t called when we move slider button.I have written code in this.Please send us proper way to to call default method OnCustomDraw().

3.I want change background colour of CExtLabel.

5.Resizable diaog doesn’t resize upto title bar.This is default in MFC application.

6.I have MDI application with 2007 theme loaded initially.In this I am displaying dialog.

Problem is given in step

I run my MDI application.

  1. Display dialog with domodal() or modeless

  2. Move dialog with mouse then application hangs.

This problem occurs in 2007 themes only.

7.In ScrollBar I am setting min-Max range 2147483647 to -2147483647 & page to 0 & pos to 0 in OnInitDialog().Then scroll bar stops to give SB_LINEUP & SB_LINEDOW.

 8.If I use Prof-UISMsgBox(“test”); then there is error of undeclared identifier.

9.I have control with CExtCheckBox wndCheck;

wndCheck.Create(“Prof-UIS”, WS_CHILD|WS_VISIBLE|WS_TABSTOP|BS_CHECKBOX,CRect(20,40,140,60),this)

Then there is problem of check /Uncheck If click over check box.This problem occurs in Luna blue 2007 theme.Sometimes check box disappears in 2007 themes.

10.We are using CExtEdit which has no proper look in disabled mode.

11.In Prof-UIS controls default message functions are not called.Please send us list & proper solution to use in place of it.

12.I have CListCtrl with horizontal scrollbar.In this scroll bar isn’t skinned.

Waiting for your early reply