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Trupti Kasvala Feb 16, 2009 - 9:45 PM

Hello sir,

I am using CExtShellFileDialog for file save/open.When I save new file  directly in drive then file path is concatenated with "\\" for example  "c:\\test.txt" & If I save new file in the folder created in drive then only single slash "\" for example "c:\TestFolder\test.txt".This problem occurs in all the drive no matter you create folder in any drive.

 I use MessageBox() then how to convert it into Prof-UIS skinned message box automatically.

This problem is very critical.Currently we are conveting all the MFC dialog classes to Prof-UIS.We are facing such problems daily in Prof-UIS Library. You are taking time in answering my questions.You haven’t replied my previous  questions yet. Because of it my company suffers lot.

Waiting for your early reply.


Technical Support Feb 19, 2009 - 7:23 AM

As we wrote in our other message which is answer for your approximately 12 questions, we cannot reproduce the crash with file dialog. We saved documents of the DRAWCLI sample application with different names into the C:\ root folder, we tried to create the C:\123\ folder in the themed file dialog and save documents into it, but crashes does not occur. We tried both XP and Vista. Please provide us with the details about how to reproduce this crash in the DRAWCLI sample application.

If you are using invocations of the ::MessageBox() Win32 API and CWnd::MessageBox() method, then please replace them with invocation of the ::ProfUISMsgBox() function. Please leave invocations of the ::AfxMessageBox() message box function as is. If you insert the IMPLEMENT_CWinAPP_DoMessageBox; line of code into the CWinApp-derived class in your project (see the CDrawApp class declaration in the DRAWCLI sample application), then all the ::AfxMessageBox() message boxes become themed.

We didn’t count the people who have converted their projects into Prof-UIS. But the number of such people is not 10 and not 100. We didn’t see people saying everything is not working every day. We can help you to kill each of problems step by step, one by one. We just need exact details about each problem: where it occurs, how to repeat it, the call stack listing related to crashes, the screen shots demonstrating incorrect behavior.