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Trupti Kasvala Feb 18, 2009 - 12:55 AM

Hello sir,


In Prof-UIS 2.84 compile time is almost double.Why?How to minimize it?


Resizable dialog doesn’t resize upto title bar.


I have tabbed property sheet.How to convert it to Prof-UIS propertysheet?


I want change color of CExtLabel.


I am using Edit control with CExtEdit.If I create it dynamically then it is as like as MFC edit control.I am creating edit box as follows.

CExtEdit* pEdit = new CExtEdit()




Slider control’s message OnCustomDraw() isn’t called if i convert my dialog application to Prof-UIS.


I am using CExtShellFileDialog for file save/open.When I save new file directly in drive then file path is concatenated with "\\" for example "c:\\test.txt" & If I save new file in the folder created in drive then only single slash "\" for example "c:\TestFolder\test.txt".This problem occurs in all the drive no matter you create folder in any drive.It takes time while opening Dialog.

 It  crashes sometimes while opening first file in folder.


How to convert MessageBox("") to  Prof-UIS skinned message box automatically.


I am using group box.I want to fill color in very small rectangle inside groupbox.


Because of delay We are facing lots of problem.Please send reply as soon as possible. 


Technical Support Feb 19, 2009 - 4:04 AM

Prof-UIS 2.84 is larger than the previous version and it requires the /Zm512 compiler option to be set in Prof-UIS based applications. This means your computer will allocated 512 megabytes of memory for compiling each .CPP file while building Prof-UIS based project. The entire project build speed can be slow if your computer has less than 2 GB memory or old and slow CPU.

You wrote: Resizable dialog doesn’t resize upto title bar . Please provide us with more details and screen shots.

We have CExtResizablePropertySheet and CExtResizablePropertyPage classes. But they are designed for wizard like property sheets only. If you need tabbed property sheet, then please create one popup dialog window with OK/Cancel/Apply buttons. Create the CExtTabPageContainerWnd window above these buttons in dialog’s OnInitDialog() virtual method, created several child dialogs as child windows of the CExtTabPageContainerWnd window and insert them as pages using the CExtTabPageContainerWnd::PageInsert() method.

You can use the CExtLabel::SetBkColor() and CExtLabel::SetTextColor() methods to change label colors. The COLORREF(-1L) color value can be used to make the label control using default colors of the currently installed Prof-UIS theme.

The creation code of the edit control is absolutely OK. Please provide us with the details about the problem related to this edit: call stack listing, modified version of any of our sample applications demonstrating the problem.

The CExtSliderWnd slider control handles the NM_CUSTOMDRAW in the CExtSliderWnd::OnCustomdraw() which is bound using reflection message map entry: ON_NOTIFY_REFLECT(NM_CUSTOMDRAW, OnCustomdraw). You should use your own CExtSliderWnd-derived class and add similar reflection message hander method.

We tried to use the DRAWCLI sample application. We painted something in the newly created document, saved it as C:\1.drw, then saved it as C:\2.drw, then closed it. We invoked the file open dialog and tried to open these two files using different ways: typing C:\1.drw and pressing the ENTER, typing \1.drw, picking files from list. There are no crashes occur. We need your help in reproducing this crash.

If you are using invocations of the ::MessageBox() Win32 API and CWnd::MessageBox() method, then please replace them with invocation of the ::ProfUISMsgBox() function. Please leave invocations of the ::AfxMessageBox() message box function as is. If you insert the IMPLEMENT_CWinAPP_DoMessageBox; line of code into the CWinApp-derived class in your project (see the CDrawApp class declaration in the DRAWCLI sample application), then all the ::AfxMessageBox() message boxes become themed.

As for group box, please read item 6 in the following message: